Friday, July 26, 2013

Not So Good Friday

Adzibiz: since I removed from my banners a few days ago is having more problems. Seems the STP withdraw requests are no longer "instant" either. And we already know their Payza account is frozen. Well that just stinks.

NEOMutual: getting reports of late payments there too. That's not good and am hoping they're just delayed. But normally when we see this, it's obvious as to what is happening. Sadly this one may be over too.
Looking at dates and numbers, if you joined early on (3 months ago) and didn't repurchase, you should be close to BEP even without referrals. So it could have been worse. At least it ran it's course in an honest way.

AdCashBlast: looks like we made a couple of cents overnight in each ad pack. It's all good and Admin can only share what comes in to share, right? If no one is purchasing or if they have moved on to something else... nothing he can do about that.
I am in profit from my first spends and I hope you are too, or at least getting close. Hang in there. 

OK so hopefully that's all the 'not so good' news for today.

AetherAdvance: from Yodaman:
Woohoo! It's finally Friday. I hope you all have a great weekend smile.gif
Here are today's NIL Numbers:
Line 1: 1183
Line 2: 617
Line 3: 332
Line 4: 150
Line 5: 92
Line 6: 40
Line 7: 17
Line 8: 7
Line 9: 3
Line 10: 1

Besides the cycler, the regular daily earnings are still kicking out and members are being paid every day. Yoda has done a fine job here IMO. Just remember, nothing lasts forever so don't get carried away with your spends.

TheAdsBazaar: just did my daily stuff over there and got a few laughs. Nice to take your mind off of 'other things' for awhile :)

AdHitProfits: still being updated. OK

RicanAdFunds: no update since the 23rd and with the weekend coming on, I doubt we'll hear anything until Monday. (sigh)


dr.capoon said...

Thought you might want to share, that there are no longer going to be free weekend days in TAB.
In fact there are going to be free concerning earnings, but those days are now contest days, with obligation to post, announce on IT or MMG with user name and post title, as there is a possibility to win rewards.

Live long and prosperous!
(there was some movie going behind my back, and I heard this one)

blondie said...

Oh yes, meant to post that.
Thanks for reminding me :)

blondie said...

Actually, posted that Info on Thursday.