Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Monday Monday

Hot here again, 97F. Sure wish September would arrive.

AdCashBlast: a bit of a slow down but there are several reasons for that. New programs popping up and folks are flocking there. I would also guess members are withdrawing more now rather than purchasing since they probably did a lot of re-purchasing in the first few days.
And my current stats are:
104% ROI from 7/15 launch spends,
94% ROI from 50 mins after launch spend and
42.6% ROI from purchases made 7/17.

AetherAdvance: Cycler Update...
Here's one for Monday:
Line 1: 1051
Line 2: 564
Line 3: 306
Line 4: 140
Line 5: 87
Line 6: 39
Line 7: 16
Line 8: 7
Line 9: 3
Line 10: 1

Also checking my own plan stats:
Term 180 - Remaining 131. Cool, long way to go :)

TheAdsBazaar: it's Monday! Time to do your activities!

ClickPaid: site has been down for hours!
Wonder if it'll be back or not? Hmmm

AdClickXpress: almost fell off my chair today when I saw my Advertising URL submitted on July 9th was finally approved for others to view!
Well, the OK part about that is the URL that was waiting is for a program that will be around for a long time, so not much wasted there. But I also had another URL waiting which I sadly had to cancel. Guess they don't realize how "time sensitive" some of these things are.
Anyway... my earnings are growing so might cash out again before too long. Thanks to those who are purchasing or re-purchasing along side me. But do be careful.

RicanAdFunds: wonder if they'll stick to their Pay Schedule and send out some payments today? I have a few more in Pending so waiting patiently.

Song has nothing to do with today's post. I just like it :)

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