Sunday, July 7, 2013

And a Fine Sunday It Is

AetherAdvance: cycler stats just posted:

Here's a NIL for this fine Sunday
Line 1: 638
Line 2: 364
Line 3: 181
Line 4: 101
Line 5: 60
Line 6: 32
Line 7: 11
Line 8: 5
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0

I moved a few more dollars from account balance to line balance and purchased more in the $1 line to help others cycle out.
I'm really enjoying AA. Besides the steady daily earning, the cycler adds a little bonus. Thanks again Yodaman, good job!

Adzibiz: yesterdays Revenue Share was 3.9%
Since I joined on June 29th, I've made a little over half my seed money back so far which is pretty good for a week. Hope it continues or better yet, goes up a little :)

AdHitProfits: only earned a few cents yesterday so nothing too exciting at this time.

ClickPaid: sad to say they are not looking good.
Payment posts in forums are getting scarce and my own problem is still unresolved. If you recall I upgraded to Premium Plus almost a week ago so that I could set my auto-repurchase / auto-withdraw features. Well it doesn't work and their IT Dept. has been looking into for a week! Gimme a break. I think we all know it's not a programming problem.

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