Thursday, July 18, 2013

Going Bonkers

going bonkers photo: Going Bonkers GoinBonkers.png
Definitely something is going bonkers with my blog since yesterday. If you check the page views, lol, that's not a correct number. Trying to figure out what could have happened to it. Weird stuff.

AdCashBlast: Happy to report our daily rev share returns and will use my own account stats to do so. As of 3 days after launch, my return is:
76.4% - those that were bought at launch
59.4% - bought 1 hour after launch, and
11.8% - bought 21 hours ago.
Pretty good numbers as far as I'm concerned.

brb, I forgot I need to make salmon patties, lol
Back. I know they say you can use all the bones in the burgers but those back bones really gross me out so I take the time to remove them first.

AetherAdvance: looking for cycler NIL numbers but not shown yet. I think Yoda was busy today with something else. I'll check again later.

NEOMutual: today is my weekly cash out day so I just requested it and am sure it will be paid tomorrow. Such a nice peaceful earner this one has been.

ClickPaid: hard to believe today is the 18th and the CP IT staff has been working on getting the 'Premium Plus' members auto-withdraw working since before I asked about it on July 2nd. Sheesh :(

AdClickXpress: just got a spam email for ACX.
Well, what can I say?
Nothing has changed since I wrote about them yesterday. And there is really no point in sending in support tickets because they don't seem to understand any questions or problems that you have and answer with prewritten responses. Oh well.

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