Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Weekend

Well this makes it easier...

Someone created this graph for Adzibiz so here you go. Saves me the trouble of trying to figure it out daily.
Requested a withdraw from them yesterday which I received overnight. They do pay fast! Thanks guys :)

AetherAdvance: was going to give you cycler stats but they're not posted yet. I'll check in a bit.
UPDATE from Yodaman:
Hey sorry guys, I haven't been by my computer all morning. Just making this post from my phone while I'm out and about. Ill process all the payments later today and also update you guys on the NIL numbers. :)
A bunch of members have been making fresh deposits since their original spends about a month ago, which is great to see! 

FundPrix: noticed the 2 day plan is the same % as the 1 day plan for smaller amounts. Used to be a tad more.
Well perhaps Admin figured out that by making them the same, it would be better for the program's longevity. Fine by me.
Repurchased again just now in the 1 day (instead of 2 day) and will do the same tomorrow.

AdHitProfits: smooth surf there today.
Nothing else to add right now since I'm in a hurry and don't have much time to check more.

ClickPaid: still nothing to report. No payment even though I upgraded to Premium Plus and activated my auto-withdraw on July 1st :(

OK, gotta get moving.
Time for one of O-Rae's birthday parties.

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