Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Few More Six Packs

My flower garden wasn't looking as full as I wanted it to so I added a few more 6 packs of flowers today. Now if I can just keep the squirrels from digging holes and burying their peanuts in there, that should help too.

TheAdsBazaar: not sure if you've checked into it yet but am actually having fun doing the daily activities. And it does only take a few minutes each day... unless you get distracted by looking at all the other pictures on the "everything" wall. Some are pretty funny.

They've also made it easier for us to keep track of what we've completed each day by showing it this way:
Welcome back ..... !
Your last IP Address: --.---.---.---

Your Checklist for 2013-07-10

Login Ad Rated - Yes
3 Images on Your Wall - No
5 Likes on Everything - No

Then when you finish all three it says:

 Well done! You have completed the Minimum required daily tasks. If you have Active AdPacks, you have earned rewards for today, 2013-07-10.

And even though we're still in pre-launch, we have started earning once our daily activities are completed.

AetherAdvance: doing great, earning daily and buying more cycler spots every day also. A note from Admin:
To all those curious as to why some higher #'s have cycled and yours have not: Some positions at launch and since launch have cycled out of order. We are trying to find the problem to that issue, but on a daily basis since the cycler launched, only a few positions have been cycling out of order.

Do not go by any other numbers posted and compare yours to their numbers, other than the NIL numbers that I post. Those people who have the higher cycled #'s are ones that have cycled out of order and should not be used as a comparison.

With that said, here is today's official NIL:

Line 1: 720
Line 2: 417
Line 3: 212
Line 4: 111
Line 5: 65
Line 6: 34
Line 7: 14
Line 8: 6
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0


Adzibiz: again earned dollars instead of cents (over 24 hours) so the % must have been good even though I didn't see it posted today.
A bit of news re: Instant Withdraws :)
Another important day for the Adzibiz family.
From today you can automatically transfer the money immediately through STP and Payza.
Any Transaction should not exceed $ 100.

Haven't tried it out yet but saw quite a few posted in forums.

ClickPaid: Thanks for the heads up just now Brian.
I tried $200 (daily limit reached)
I tried $150 (daily limit reached)
Then I tried for $100 and........

Your Withdraw Request of $92 (+ $8 fee) to Solid Trust Pay account was requested successfully!

Withdrawals are processed in the order they were submitted, please expect a delay for previous withdraw requests to be processed before yours.

About time something worked for me!
My "Premium Plus" AUTO repurchases and payments are still stuck though!! Well I don't know what to think any more. I'll just keep playing the game for as long as it lives. But my new Ad URL got approved in a day which is faster than their sister site. Hey at least I can promote here.

AdClickXpress: WoW! Have you logged in today?
Check your Wallet for your Basic account balance.
Then to see what happened to it, from your Dashboard, click on Basic Migration.
I've really become numb to the whole situation since ACX turned it into play money anyway and we could only use 10% towards an ad pack if we wanted to.
Oh well. Just another day in the life of JBP/PC/ACX.
"and though the news was rather sad, well I just had to laugh"

Wait! There's more!! My premium balance just went down too.


Brian said...

Hi Judy,
Has anybody else joined TheAdsBazaar from your link....I can't. Been trying for 2 days now and I get this message;
Incorrect Turing Number.
Please enter a valid e-mail address.
This e-mail address is already used by another member.
Please enter at least one E-Currency account ID.

I have on each occasion double checked my info and I have tried two different gmail addresses.
I did look at joining from just a straight url but their is no space for your referal url to be inserted.

blondie said...

OK, try this:

I'm thinking maybe the banner is messed up.

I'll double check it but I did have someone join under me so, hmmm

blondie said...

And you might want to clear your browser cookies first.
Thanks :)

Brian said...

Still not working???
First time I ever have this problem!
I did clear the cookies.
Must be something on my PC causing it but what. Will have to look at all the security settings etc. Those turing numbers also sometimes causes hassles when they are Java driven.
Have to do some chores, so will look later.

blondie said...

OK thanks for your effort.
If you still can't get it, maybe we should write to Admin about it and see if they know what the problem could be.
I do appreciate you!
Cheers :)

dr.capoon said...

I left you a message on Skype, regarding Brians issue.

blondie said...

Thanks drc,
I'm on it :)