Monday, July 15, 2013

New Rev Share Program is Open

Previously referred to as "ACB" the new Revenue Share program called AdCashBlast is now OPEN!
Details are in Friday's post in case you missed it. Yes of course I joined and looking forward to some fun and profit :)

Our first Update one hour after launch:

Dear Member,
I want to welcome all of you to Ad Cash Blast and take a minute to give some details on our current status.
With no way to anticipate the amazing success of our program in the first hour, we have had to delay our cron to once an hour for the first portion of today. With over 12 thousand shares purchased it is taking longer than expected to pay out to each share every 30 min. Please bear with me as I optimize the system.
I will update accordingly asap. In the mean time please enjoy Ad Cash Blast and heres to our success.
Ad Cash Blast Admin

Next Update 3 hrs 45 mins after launch:

Dear Members,
In an effort to reserve server resources and pay to the 20K plus ad packs in our system, we will be disabling the surf option for the time being.
It will not be a requirement for you to surf to earn until I get this straightened out. I feel it is more important to keep the resources available where we need them and that is obviously to pay to ad packs.
Over the next 24 hours I will be optimizing the script and trying to minimize the time between cron runs. Rest assured that shares will continue to earn during this time and remeber SURF IS OFF for now. Just earn and be happy :-)
Ad cash Blast Admin

Some folks are reporting not getting earnings for several hours. If you are one of them and you're not seeing earnings yet, read the below and sit tight until it is fixed.

This example will not include actual times, but is used as an example.

Launch at 2. Purchases made. First earning run started at 2:30. All shares purchased prior to 2:30 earned.

Earning run ended at 4:00. New earning run started at 4:00. All shares purchased up to 4:00 earned.

Second earning run ended at 6:00. Third earning run started at 6:00. All shares purchased up to 6:00 earned.

In our current setting, this 3rd run got stuck most of the way through the 3rd earning run.

I hope this more clearly explains it to those of you who are confused as to why you have not earned in a few hours. Earnings will not be ran again until it continues off where it left off, covering those remaining shares with the $0.45.

The earnings have been halted until those shares earn as far as I know. 

TheAdsBazaar: Admin Update:

Welcome to a brand new week at TAB!

If you have purchased Contracts, you will notice that you have been credited earnings and have also been paid your withdrawals. This was a glitch. Contracts earn only on business days. It has been fixed.

We let it go because we felt it would be a nice gesture to 'reward' everyone for the patience and restraint you have shown as we ironed out the bugs encountered during the week.

Having said that, there will be no earnings for Sunday, which would have shown up sometime today. If your account shows earnings , please inform us.

Henceforth , you will see earnings in your account from Tuesday through to Saturday for tasks completed Monday to Friday. Payouts are done 7 days a week.

An unrelated update coming your way later.
Thank you for your patience!

The Ads Bazaar Management

AetherAdvance: today's cycler numbers are...

Here's today's NIL:
Line 1: 875
Line 2: 487
Line 3: 259
Line 4: 127
Line 5: 75
Line 6: 34
Line 7: 14
Line 8: 6
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0
Also, all withdrawals have been processed. :)

Thanks for the update Yodaman!

AdClickXpress: not promoting - just reporting. They are paying.

Your SolidTrust Pay account has been credited with $25.92.
Details are:
Member Name: adclickxpress



Anonymous said...

I am in. lets see how it goes.

Brian said...

Hi Judy,

I am in, this should be good as I am also in AA. Joined a bit late because of the time zone.

I could not fix my AdBazaar problem but I think it is a bit late now so I will put my efforts into AdCashBlast.

Have a great day.

blondie said...

Thank You Anonymous :)

Brian, thanks for joining also.

Not too late for AdsBazaar since it's in a pre-launch for a few weeks still. We can chat about that later.


blondie said...


Drop me an email and let me know what gmail address you are trying to use for TheAdsBazaar.

My gmail is:

Amanda wants to help with your problem but I need more info from you.

Thanks :)

Brian said...

Hi Judy,

I tried again with TAB and it worked...the password was somehow abbreviated but I can most probably fix that in the back office when I have a bit more time. Have to go and cook supper so I will be back much later to see how it all works and to load some funds.

Thanks for your help.

blondie said...

Good to hear Brian.
I was just logging off for the night when your note popped up.
Give a holler anytime you have questions.
Have fun cooking :)