Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Updates Coming

AdCashBlast: When I checked at Noon today, which as 24 hours from our launch time, my first set of purchases had already earned back 40%. My 2nd set which I purchased about 50 minutes after launch had earned 26.6%
That's great stats for a first day.
As you all know some problems occurred shortly after launch and the Admin is still working on that. Rev Share earnings had to be stopped for awhile last night while the issues were being addressed.
But if you check again now you will see the rev share has resumed. Thanks Admin Ian and our non-admin Yoda, lol

AetherAdvance: current cycler stats then I gotta run out for a bit:
Here's Tuesday's NIL:
Line 1: 903
Line 2: 499
Line 3: 267
Line 4: 129
Line 5: 76
Line 6: 34
Line 7: 15
Line 8: 6
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0


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