Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Holidays Are Over

Had a fun and busy time since the end of June with family in from Michigan and California. Not to mention all of my kid's friends around their house for the 4th of July and Olivia's birthday party (and they have a lot of friends)! Now I guess I need to get back to work.

AetherAdvance: here's the latest cycler stats:
Here's today's NIL numbers:
Line 1: 695
Line 2: 401
Line 3: 200
Line 4: 109
Line 5: 63
Line 6: 33
Line 7: 13
Line 8: 6
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0


Adzibiz: had a nice jump in rev share again which gave me a few more dollars. I'm still only running with the 2 ad packs that I originally bought so slowly getting to BEP on those.

AdHitProfits: had a slow day yesterday so nothing exciting to say.

NEOMutual: is doing fine and I'll do my regular cash out on Thursday.

ClickPaid: Zip Zilch Nada. Still NO payments for this Premium Plus member and others are having more and more trouble trying to get a withdraw request in.
Sorry CP but that's just the cold hard facts :(

AdClickXpress: I told you when it opened I purchased 2 positions there. Yesterday they finally approved one of the URL's I submitted in their TE. That one was "waiting" since June 23rd (roll eyes). They still don't have a 125x125 banner so I couldn't post one here even if I wanted to. Anyway...
through no promoting of my own, a couple of my referrals from back in the JBP days bought some Ad Packs as well. So yes, I received some RC on that.
Looking at it in my member area I wondered if they would really pay it out. So two nights ago I requested a withdraw and was quite surprised to see the payment in my STP account this morning.
I'm still not promoting this or suggesting that you put any fresh money into it. But I felt it was only right to tell you my own experience thus far. Just an FYI for those who are curious.

RicanAdFunds: I dunno what's going on there. I try to keep up with them but everything I read just gives me a headache.
Since they reopened on the 1st of July, I have been requesting a daily $15 withdraw but have yet to see a payment come through.
So unless there is something exciting to write about, I doubt you'll hear much more from me.

TheAdsBazaar: my newest addition. I asked for a 125x125 banner and here it is. Great, now I can add it to my side bar.

So yesterday when I first read the Member Instructions in the welcome letter, I thought OMG! I don't have time to do all this!
Then after doing a little more research and asking questions, I realized it's no where nearly as time consuming as I thought it would be. Was actually fun to do something different this morning as opposed to the normal everyday surfing.
Plus they recently made their FAQ's a bit clearer:

There are 3 parts to the activities that need to done before you get paid AdRewards ( for those who have Purchased Contracts)

- Rate Login Ads

- Post 3 images on your wall

- Rate and/ or Share 5 Images. Rating include Liking and Repinning images on the Everything board. Sharing means sharing to outside networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

If you haven't completed any of these tasks and have received a notice that you have, it is only a glitch and you may not receive your rewards after 24 hours.

Example: first one is a piece of cake. It shows when you login.
For the second one, post 3 images: I just googled 'funny cat pictures' and got a handful of them. I opened them and hit "copy image URL", then went to the area in TAB where I needed to post. Hit "paste" and added a Title. Did that 3 times and that part was done.
Then looked through the other pics in the Everything Board and clicked on LIKE for 5 of them. Done!

Also read that Amanda the Co-Admin of TAB has joined the I-T Forum and has made that their Main Forum for TAB.

I do think the site still has some bugs or glitches but it's in a pre-launch for the next 6-7 weeks so that gives them plenty of time to sort things out.

Ummmm what else? I'm running out of words, lol


Brian said...

Hi Goldie,
Thought you would like to know, just had a WD go through for ClickPaid via STP at 04.14pmEST. Now will have to see how long it takes to be paid into STP.

blondie said...

Thanks Brian!!

Just got one also and posted about it.

I was writing when you sent the note so put everything down and gave it a shot. WhooHooo!!!