Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Again Already

Did an AVG Scan of my computer a couple of nights ago. First time ever it found something suspicious and removed it. Since then, my blog page views seem to be back to normal. That's a relief :)

After watering my lawn this morning then putting down a summer fertilizer, came here to clean house as well. Unfortunately I decided to remove the banner for AdCashBlast. Not because there's anything wrong with the program or the Admin (he's been quite good)... but rather due to the slow down of earnings. Well, that's what happens when everyone jumps in then quickly abandons ship for the next 'big thing'. Nothing we can do about that now and again the only reason I removed the banner was to prevent any newcomers from joining.
As for myself, I am over my BEP so decided to re-purchase today with the $5 in my account balance. It should help a little bit.

Speaking of removed banners, there is a new update at
I won't post it here but do check if you're a member.
Speaking of members... funny how people crawl out of the woodwork when there is an update, yet we never heard from them when they were being paid. Unless they're not members at all and just spamming the forums. Sad.

I have been eyeballing a new program that will be launching officially sometime next week. Once I get a handle on it, will update on what it's all about. No it's not another rev share, lol
But in the meantime, I have a storm coming in, haven't done the dishes yet and need to get something ready for the oven tonight.
Talk soon :)

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