Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good News, Updates and Bad News

My page views are still going bananas but that's OK. It makes me look really popular, LOL

AdCashBlast: in case you missed my 'late in the day' post last night, here's the Winners list from the Blast. Congrats to all!
Dear Members,
It is my pleasure to announce the results of the Ad Cash blaster!

Pos #27 choppergirl77
Pos #56 aftrusoon
Pos #60 superprogram
Pos #91 MLamano
Pos #109 cashreal72


We had a total of 135 sold positions valued at $675! 25% of the sales ($168.75) goes to the winners, this means that each winner now has $33.75 in their account!

The remainer ($506.25) is split to ad packages on the next run!

The next Ad Cash Blaster will take place Monday evening at 6 PM PST.

Thank you and have a great rest of your weekend!

Ad Cash Blast Admin

I'll be back with my ROI Stats later.

OK here we go:
102.6% ROI bought at launch 7/15 (in profit!)
92.2% on 2nd batch bought 50 mins after launch and
40.8% on 3rd batch bought 7/17 18:02 server time.

PS, just got PAID from ACB! Thanks Ian :)

AetherAdvance: your daily next to cycle list:
Sunday's Next to Cycle List:
Line 1: 1029
Line 2: 550
Line 3: 300
Line 4: 135
Line 5: 85
Line 6: 39
Line 7: 16
Line 8: 7
Line 9: 3
Line 10: 1

Thank you Yodaman!

PS, just got PAID from AA! Thanks Yoda :)

FundPrix: not too many of my readers joined FundPrix but to those of you who did, I do hope you will be on the refund list.
This is really sad when something like this takes place, and I have no doubt in my mind about Dominique's explanation of events.
With that said, below is her last update and I would also like to send her a "Get Well Soon" wish and hope to see her again very soon.

Hello Guys,

Yesterday I was very zealous to continue FundPrix even if it means funding the new STP account with my own money. Today, upon checking the outcome of what I did, it is was a real dismay to see that there were NO CONSIDERABLE INCOMING funds , so in turn,  the funds I have sent just got depleted in an astonishing pace. Seeing that continuing further will be in dire straits , I have finally come to a decision to simply refund all the supportive members who are not in breakeven point and not yet in profit.

I hope that you all have learned something worthwhile in FundPrix, my strictness with the rules is merely for everyones benefit in the long run and I also hope that you will employ what you have learned to any other hyip program out there.  I am very delighted to see that many of you can actually comply with the rules and follow  the sound strategies and behaviour needed for a successful hyip.  If we only had not encountered such stp suspension, I would optimistically say that we could have journeyed thousands of  miles . Nevertheless, you all  have shown what a teamwork is all about and I am already jubilant for what FundPrix members have achieved for themselves.

I have now disabled the deposit page for FundPrix and all the $10 or so deposits since yesterday will be refunded as well.  A few of you might not be able to get into the refund list, particularly those who are non-supportive members and some who ventured with large sums in the longer plans. The refund money will just come from my own pocket so not everyone will be accommodated.

It might be fate that destined FundPrix to cease today since coming to think of it I needed a complete rest as per doctors advice due to a coughing that never tend to disappear and has a tendency to become chronic if I do not schedule at least 1-2 weeks of rest.  I am going to shape up for a while and if all the circumstances are in favour again later on, then I will be back in the business.

I would like to thank all of you for the support you have extended for me and may you all have a nice weekend. Enjoy your families and give those keyboards a rest. :D

Truly yours,
Dominique Jenkins


TheAdsBazaar: taking the weekend off from activities and will continue again on Monday.
"Henceforth , you will see earnings in your account from Tuesday through to Saturday for tasks completed Monday to Friday. Payouts are done 7 days a week."

Adzibiz: only seeing a few cents added to my balance each day now. No clue if it will ever get higher than that. Fingers crossed.

AdHitProfits: same, a few cents daily. Although the site is Offline at the moment so will check again later.


ld randi said...

Hi Blondie!
I received the refund from Fundprix!
This admin is very honest!

blondie said...

You got that right Randi!
She did a great job.
Hope to see her back soon too.

Andrew B said...

I would like to be all happy with fundprix. Though, it seems like I won't be refunded because I was not supportive enough.

I haven't even gotten half of my money out.

blondie said...

Was that you posting the same comment in MMG by chance?

I'm sure you didn't join from my link as I've not shared it for weeks.

This HYIP was short term and I wouldn't have suggested anyone join at this late date.

Also sorry to hear about your chat with the Admin and too bad it didn't work out in your favor. (sigh)