Friday, July 19, 2013

TGIF For Sure

AdCashBlast: will be back with my stats.

After you login, you will see the "Ad Cash Blaster" that was announced yesterday. I did go ahead and buy 3 positions in that. Why not eh? It's like buying a ticket in the lottery, lol
Also thought the surf was back on but I can't find the button today. OK, will check again later.

My earning stats for today:
93.4% from what I bought at launch time
81.4% from what I bought 50 mins after launch
and 30% from my last batch which was approx 45 hours ago.
Cool :)

AetherAdvance: and today's numbers are:

TGIF! Today's NIL:

Line 1: 977
Line 2: 537
Line 3: 289
Line 4: 133
Line 5: 82
Line 6: 39
Line 7: 16
Line 8: 7
Line 9: 3
Line 10: 1

Thanks Yodaman :)

TheAdsBazaar: always looking for ways to improve the site. And yeah, I've been earning 2% daily 5 days per week so far.

We have decided to remove the Everything tab on your Activity Wall. It was taking far too long to load for most members.

You can continue to rate and post as normal but just select the categories you are interested in now instead.

We will be adding other ways to speed things up over the next few days. Thank you once again for your patience.

The Ads Bazaar Management


I see my Page Views here are getting back to normal. Still don't know what could have happened over the last two days. But what's strange is that it leveled out at the 23k mark. Wonder if js is trying to tell me something? :o

NEOMutual: paid today as I knew I would be ;)
Thanks Admin!!


Brian said...

Hi Judy,
For some reason or other TheAdsBazaar has note been that easy to work out but at last I have the "Well done message". Now I presume I will see earnings after 24 hours for my contract. Also, somewhere I read about $4.95 monthly not see a button for it? Sorry to hassle you with this but you seem to have it all working properly!
Have a great day.

dr.capoon said...

Hi Brian, I would like to answer you, hope that Blondie won't mind it.
There is a pre-launch period now going on, during which there are no monthly fee's. Therefore you won't find that button.
Would like to add, that during this pre-launch, anyone can enter with $10 contracts, which will be raised latter to $50 min.
All of those who enter during this pre-launch, won't be charged with monthly fee's for another three months.
Exception will be made to those who purchase a $500 contract - as they will be released from charging fee's for next 6 months.

And about hard way to fulfill required tasks, it has been altered, as "everything wall" is no more. So you can choose any of those categories directly, and "like" any post you want.
It was done due to tremendous time being needed to load that page. So that should mean, we are going to spend a lot less time to achieve required, and will be a lot easier to do so.

Brian said...

Hi dr.capoon,
Thanks for that, I did understand it all from the website plus the email I received at joining it was just the monthly fee I could not see. The Well Done message also took a few days to work for me but that all seems sorted now.

Have a great day.

blondie said...

Mind? Not at all Dr C.
Thanks for helping me out.
I knew I read that stuff somewhere but couldn't put my finger on it. Glad someone here wasn't sleeping during class, LOL

MLamano said...

Visit this blog a lot, but not sure I've ever made a post and am feeling compelled to give a shout out regarding AdCashBlast.

Pretty new to this IM thing, and my first three attempts were strikes with Zeek, PC, and finally GFP. But having followed this blog for some time I reluctantly made a small buy yesterday with ACB, right about this same time.

24 hours later my small purchase has returned nearly 25%! So if you've not yet taken the dive, I'm sending out a big high-five to AdCashBlast and encouraging you to get in now!

blondie said...

Hey Mark :)

Thanks for the positive post re ACB. Just don't turn on me when it's run it's course. They all do.

And to others reading this,
I did not pay him to cheerlead for me, LOL He just sounds really happy right now.