Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Head Is Spinning

Sometimes I read too much and think too much before posting here. Then by the time I sit down to write, can't even remember where to start.

AetherAdvance: Whoa! Look at line 10.
Somebody cycled and posted their payment in the forum.
Big Congrats to them!

Thursday's NIL List!

Line 1: 1344
Line 2: 691
Line 3: 364
Line 4: 163
Line 5: 104
Line 6: 41
Line 7: 18
Line 8: 8
Line 9: 4
Line 10: 2

AdClickXpress: if you were a member of JBP/PC and haven't migrated your account over to ACX yet, it may be worth your while to do so.
The way their update reads, you are still able to migrate your account up through August 7th.
Now if you had referrals who decided to continue on and are purchasing in ACX, you're receiving referral commission for that. But if you haven't migrated your account, the money is just sitting there.

On another note: they are also sending out VIP Group updates to their top purchasers or promoters from past programs. If you're receiving those (and haven't read them yet) it would be a good idea for you to be sure your account is migrated to ACX before August 7th. They do have a Bonus planned for VIP members and I'd sure hate for you to miss out on that.


Richy said...

Any idea how to migrate from CP to Adclickxpress? Still no mail from them and the clock is ticking till aug 7th

blondie said...

Did you try logging into ACX with the same user ID and password that you used in profit clicking?

Anonymous said...

thnx voor you're feedback. I now see that's about the migration from PC to ACX and not about CP to ACX.

blondie said...

You're welcome.
Still waiting on News about ClickPaid moving over to ACX.