Saturday, August 3, 2013


TheAdsBazaar: Weekend Update:

The mailer is working now! We missed communicating with you especially over the weekend which was a lot of fun for many members and us too. Back to business, there are still one or two members facing issues with the checklist not updating inspite of tasks being completed. According to feedback from our programmer, the script cannot log activities outside our website. This means that if you share to Facebook or Pinterest those sites don't send a message to our server which can be pinpointed as a completed task by a certain member. If you just Like/Repin within TAB, there should not be any issues. This is rather unfortunate (or not) because sharing to outside networks is, as we all know, what will put TAB on the map faster. However, we feel that we can rely on every member's goodwill to still share images that you like to outside networks. As we go along, we will think of ways to persuade you to be more active in this exercise. For now, though, we are glad that those few members who have this issue have a solution. Just do 5 likes/Repins within TAB and you'll do fine.

We also apologise that so far we have not given you an estimate of when The Bazaar will launch. Our Programmer has been rather busy but he has already started working on it, we will keep nagging him (albeit nicely) for an estimate! May we hazard a guess? Last Week of August or First Week of September! Well, another weekend is upon us! Let's do what we did last week only with a slight twist - winner takes it all! That's right, on Sunday one member wins $50 for Saturday Postings and on Monday someone will win $50 for Sunday's postings. On Monday we'll reveal how the winner was decided upon. Remember, this is just plain fun so pleased don't analyse!
Just one rule again, please post to both:
Once again, you don't have to have Active contracts to participate, everyone has a fair chance. Go for it!
Amanda The Ads Bazaar Management.

Back to me :) Checking my account today I see that I've already earned back 40% of my original spend on July 8th. Good going and it hasn't even officially launched yet.

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