Monday, August 19, 2013


CenturionProfits site has been down quite a bit today. No worries. Admin and the team are working on something that is causing it to load slow or unavailable. Check back later.
* Almost 6 PM my time, site is back but a little sluggish.
I did manage to get a withdraw request in and made a re-purchase as well.

FortuneSteam: made a re-purchase today with some of my balance and cashed out the rest. Was paid in a matter of minutes too! Good stuff.
Here's an update that just arrived a few minutes ago:

Fortune Steam is doing great, so we are thinking of broadening our investment platform by adding Bitcoin as an accepted currency. This means that members will be able to use Bitcoins to earn from our program.

Today Germany officially recognizes Bitcoin as a legal tender - recognized in law and for tax purposes, which allows Bitcoin to join the official currencies of the world. Germany has become the first country to accept the digital money as legal tender.

You can get more information about the news here -

We will keep you informed on the progress with the integration of Bitcoin into our program. You will hear more from us in the coming days.

Thank you for being part of Fortune Steam.


AdClickXpress: just waiting for the server day change to go do my thing for today. Sure would be nice if ACX keeps on keepin on, ya know?
Re: their Traffic Exchange, they say...
It is currently taking approximately less than 24 hours for URL approvals
And that is true. I submitted a URL for a program the day it launched and by the next day, it was already getting hits. So they're doing it right.
Also re the TE, we are getting a lot more hits now since we need to have 50 in reserve for each Ad Panel we have in order to be paid out. As for myself, I have 150 reserved at this time. Once I purchase another panel, I'll gladly surf 50 more so it's ready :)

RicanAdFunds: no news at their Official Blog. sheesh

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