Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ClickPaid Members - Time To Migrate

ACX - ClickPaid: when you log into ClickPaid today you'll see a message about migrating your CP account over to ACX.
- Read the entire note all the way down to the "Migrate Now" button.
- Click on that and follow the instructions.
There are a couple of additional pages that show up after the migration page so read up and take notes.
- YES, you will have a new ACX ID number which you can log into using your old ClickPaid password (IF your ACX p/w doesn't work).
- YES, those of us who were in both programs will now have to log into each one separately.
- Problem: when trying to Add my Pay Processor ID to the wallet section, I get a note stating "That account has already been taken" and to use another. So I guess they're still working on that part of the site. I'll wait it out.
- Re: their Traffic Exchange, I couldn't add the same URL to both ACX and the new ACX/ClickPaid site. I would have thought since the sites were separate log in's that the TE would also be separate. Guess not.

CenturionProfits: did you all get the email Update yesterday?
I'd post it here but it's quite long. I actually received it twice so hopefully you got it as well :)

TheAdsBazaar: also sent out an update yesterday.
Again I would post but not too many of you are involved so if you didn't receive it, give me a holler and I'll forward it to you.

FortuneSteam: cashed out again today from FS and received it lightning fast! Also made a re-spend at the same time. What day are we up to now? Eight. Been 8 days of earnings so far. Excellent. Won't be long for my 12x12 plan to mature. YaY!

AdHitProfits: was happily surprised today to see my account balance up by over a dollar rather than just cents. Super. Sure hope it continues that way.

AdClickXpress: I'll get back to them later. Maybe.
Well, my Ad Pack numbers are getting up there so what the hell, might as well keep purchasing for now. I highly doubt a restart would be coming to ACX since they just opened the Panels. Of course I could be wrong but in the meantime, just going with my gut feeling.

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome:


Brian said...

Hi Judy,

Bit confusing at this stage...this is not a migration? They are 2 seperate sites...also waiting, lets see what happens!

blondie said...

No, it's not a migration.
It's more of a restart of CP into a new name and website.
But hey, we'll see how it goes.