Monday, August 5, 2013

Centurion Profits Opening Today

CenturionProfits: launching this morning only for funding and upgrading your membership level...

Grand Opening
On Monday, August 5th at 11:00 AM CST - Chicago time we will have our grand opening. At that time, per many members requests, we will open up funding for 24 hours to allow everyone to fund and upgrade their memberships so they do not miss any referral levels when their downlines purchase shares. After those 24 hours pass, we will open up purchasing and everything else too.

I'll BBL. Just wanted to give you a reminder.
You can find the entire Newsletter posted here.

NOTE from Admin: For those of you worried as the Egopay site seems to be down, do not worry. This is why the next 24 hours is funding and upgrading.  You do not have to be in a hurry.  This isnt like a lot of sites with first come, first serve. Tomorrow, same time will be when purchasing opens up. So take your time and relax..  :D  You have 24 hours to fund and upgrade.

NOTE (from me): after you fund your account, the amount shows in "Balance". Take note of that when upgrading your Membership level. Click "Site/Cash Balance" and NOT Re-Purchase balance.

UPDATE (this should help too):
Hello to all members,
Seems some of you are having difficulties understanding how to fund and upgrade.  Here is an explanation below.  Please follow this and you should not have any problems.  Thank you.

CenturionProfits Admin

ALSO for now, your "Account Type" will still show as FREE even though you've upgraded. To double check that your upgrade went through:
Yes, it will say free in your dash. (perhaps I should take that out of there) once you purchase shares, it will change to upgraded.
as long as you go to your upgrade membership page and you do not see your level you just paid for, then you are good to go smile.gif

Hi Blondie, 
Took the "account type: free" out of the dash as it was meant for something else I am doing. It confused way too many people I see. So it's gone now :) Thanks! 

Thanks for the update Keith :)

Are we having fun yet? LOL

OK, switching from opening to closing, here's the latest AetherAdvance information which you should have received in an email yesterday:

Hello everyone.
This is an email update for those specifically who are at a significant loss on their advertising package purchases.
We will be issuing partial refunds to those members, based on total deposited versus total withdrawn, amount of time in Aether Advance, and amount of time that you had spent 100% compounding will also be taken into consideration.

Instructions to request your partial refund are as follows:
Send an email to in a format such as
Aether Advance Username: (your username here)
Total Amount Deposited: $
Total Amount Withdrawn: $
Registration Date:
SolidTrustPay ID or EgoPay Email Address:

Please only include the Payment Processor ID/Email Address you used to deposit with. We will be double checking the deposit/withdrawn amounts that you include in your email, so refrain from adjusting your numbers from what they actually are.
All of the information we request to process a refund can be found in your member's back office, either on the main back office page, or under the Stats tab.

The last run of earnings on advertising packages has been credited just a moment ago. We will begin processing requested refunds within the next 24 hours.
Please send your request as soon as possible.
Another email will be sent out in the following days.
- Aether Advance Management


TheAdsBazaar: did my daily activities and saw some hilarious pictures in the Entertainment section. Wonder what these members search for when they find this stuff? LOL  Anyway... requested my first withdrawal from TAB yesterday and was paid before the end of the day. Kudos to Admin!

AdHitProfits: saw that I had over $10 in my account balance yesterday so decided to withdraw there too and it was paid Instantly to STP! Still surfing and watching the updates. Charles is not a quitter.

AdClickXpress: if you have been a member of ACX since the JBP/PC days, I suggest you do NOT read their Aug 4th update. Am not really sure what they were trying to accomplish with bashing other types of programs. Maybe we should inform their writers that "you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar".

Now perhaps if they continue being a successful program one year from now, then sure... feel free to point out programs that only lasted 2 or 3 months. But Hello! ACX has been running for what... 6 weeks? Not hardly long enough to brag about yourself and put down others.

On a happier note, I requested a payout from ACX at 10 AM yesterday and received it before 5 PM same day. Now that's what I'm talkin about!
If they keep doing it that way... then Yes, by all means brag away! But in the interim, they need to focus on what ACX is doing right rather than what other programs are doing wrong.

RicanAdFunds: blog news still giving Bad Karma I see:
Bad karma: we can't find that page!


digitalcurtis said...

Hi Blondie,
Took the "account type: free" out of the dash as it was meant for something else I am doing. It confused way too many people I see. So it's gone now :) Thanks!

blondie said...

Thanks for letting me know.
Just updated my post with the new information :)