Monday, August 26, 2013

Pre-Launch Today - Are you ready for this?

Three years ago today I wrote about the opening of Ad2Million.

Those of you who were in the program with me are well aware of the unjust and humiliating deletion of my account. Well that's what happens when you try to work with an inexperienced and arrogant Admin who couldn't take the heat of my criticism.
But that was then and this is now, and even though it's been more than two years since that incident, I certainly haven't forgotten about it.

Which brings me to today.
If you read my post from last Thursday you probably wondered what I could have been referring to, so here we go...

Last week I was contacted by an old business associate who just happens to be the script owner and programmer for a number of different programs throughout the years, including ad2million.
I was quite shocked to hear from him since we haven't spoken for three years and I just figured he wrote me off, just like I wrote him off.

So our initial conversations consisted of some apologizing for what happened to me and my account in ad2m. But like I said earlier, not something I can forget about but am trying my best to forgive at this point.

The more we talked the more I realized this is not all about me. I've known this Admin for over ten years now and he has always been fair to me and members of his programs. Of course they don't always work out the way we want them to, but what does? Not much in this business.

Now just so you understand, he wasn't the one Administering ad2m. It was his friend that controlled the Admin functions and he only helped her with the database maintenance and programming. So does that get him off the hook for my anger over all of it? Well I dunno but like I said it's not all about me.

Reading back to my old posts about this, I had over 300 referrals in ad2m. Really? 300? That's a lot blondie! Yeah it is but realize not all of them were active. But thinking about the ones who were, and the ones who feel they may have gotten the short end of the stick... here is why he contacted me and why I am contacting you:

He opened his new program last night called Pnenow.

Funny name huh? How would you pronounce that?
I don't know but am guessing the pne stands for post n earn.
Oh and when you look at the site... yeah, it's the same look and script from ad2m so if you were a member, you should recognize it.

Anyway, his intentions are to help those who were in ad2m with a free $10 position for each new $20 position they purchase.
So even though the earnings are only 1% Daily, if you had positions in ad2m you can easily turn that into 1.5% daily until those old ad2m positions expire.

NOTE: the ad2m positions will expire at 75 cycles.

NOTE: if you were an ad2m member, I would suggest using the same username in pnenow to avoid any confusion but I'm told it's not necessary. He said just "click on the renew button" and that should work.

NOTE: if you were not an ad2m member and wondering if 1% daily can ever amount to anything, check the calculator on the site. You may be surprised.

There are time limits on purchasing in order to get the bonus position added, but that's all mentioned on the site. You do have 30 days so no need to rush.

This next part I was going to write out but will copy n paste instead. It's in the member area so you won't see it until you join.

News update 08/26/13 - Leaders Pre-launch now, Grand opening on 9/10/13 

You are invited to Pnenow leaders Pre-launch. Act now to take advantage of great pre-launch offers: 
  • Positions purchased before 09/15/13 will mature at 300 times_cycle

  • Positions purchased from 09/16/13 to positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 200 times_ cycle

  • Positions purchased after positions reach total of 100,000 will mature at 150 times_cycle

  • Positions will cycle and earn 1% daily starting on the grand opening date of 09/15/13

  • Earn 10% from all of your referrals

  • Looks like he's in the process of changing dates and Grand Opening will be Sept 10th now. Well that's even better :)

    NOTE: cycling will not start until the 'other' grand opening of 9/15.

    - Currently STP can be used and he's in the process of adding Payza.

    I personally have not funded yet but plan to soon. He does like to change things so I'll wait just a bit before jumping in head first.

    Did I forget anything? Golly it's been a long day.
    I do have a couple of questions pending with him now so once those are answered, I'll fill in the blanks of what I wasn't sure about.

    Will update on everything else tomorrow.
    Hope you all have a great night and remember...


    Randy V said...

    Hey Judy! I was in ad2million with you. I was upset with the way they treated you. I sent in a couple of messages but I'm sure they were ignored and then they took the money and ran.

    I will look at this but I'm not sure what I will do. Keep posting what you think about this.

    Have a great Tuesday!


    blondie said...

    Hi Randy,

    Well with ad2m positions never expiring, I think a lot of money was used to re-purchase then the members cashed out a lot. Don't know for sure but with money going out and not coming in, that would be my guess.

    Of course I'll keep everyone updated.
    Thanks and have a great day!