Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just Wednesday (cause I can't think of anything clever to say)

Pnenow: I mentioned a few things yesterday but am going to mention some of them again, along with a few new tidbits.

- You must join Pnenow as a new member if you're interested in getting the credit for some of your old ad2million positions. (or if you just want to join new :)

- You cannot just log into Pnenow using your old ad2m ID or password.

- First choose the Upline you wish to sign under. If their Username is not showing in the Registration, clear cookies and try again.

In ProgressYour Upline's username will soon be showing in your member area.

In Progress: Banners coming soon also. (Thanks to Hula)

- If you registered under Admin (or any incorrect sponsor) by mistake, you can ask to re-assign it One Time Only by support ticket. Referral commission already issued cannot be reserved.

- Where it says:
How to renew your ad2m positions:
If you have positions from ad2m, you must renew now. The renew process will stop in 30 days.
(That is 30 days from Aug 26th)

NOTE from the Admin:
A few members do not understand that pnenow is different from ad2m.
If they have positions in ad2m and like to renew them, they must:
1. sign up an account with pnenow.
2. click on renew (in the positions detail area) and set the number of ad2m positions to be renew.  (which this process to prevent cheating)
3. purchase positions from STP. The system will automatically add the ad2m positions

- I asked if RE-purchases gave us the ad2m bonus position...

Only the STP purchase can renew the ad2m position (scripts do that).

So there you have it.
No wait, one more thing...

I made another purchase from STP today and it did not go through immediately. I do think those are being manually approved at this time so if you're not seeing your new position right away, give it a few hours to show up. If you don't see it in a reasonable amount of time, a support ticket will work.

I'll be back with more stuff. OK back.

CenturionProfits: received a payout from them today and realized after I requested it I messed up. Thought I'd have enough from my 30% held to re-spend and buy another position but... guess I need a new calculator, lol
Thanks Keith :)

FortuneSteam: rinse and repeat.
Bought more spots today with earnings and cashed out again also. Thanks Max :)
Update just in:
Today Fortune Steam is 15 days old and to celebrate our successful completion of the first 12 days of payments, we have purchased a sticky listing on the MMG forum -
This listing is expected to bring more advertising value to our marketing strategy.

About Bitcoin, we will be looking at this new feature once we reach 1000 members in total. The current membership base is not enough. We believe 1000 members is enough base for such feature to be productively utilized, as this e-currency is still not that popular on the hyip market.

Thank you for being part of our program.

Max Steam and the FS team

AdHitProfits: was shocked to see an extra buck in my account today rather than just cents. Heck I should cash out but I'll wait a bit.

AdClickXpress: off to surf and if there's anything exciting, I'll be back.
Actually they're making some changes and moving things around on the site. It's pretty slick and I like it. Requested a cash out while I was there and received a Payment from them today while I was surfing (from yesterday's request). Coolio

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