Friday, August 30, 2013

Funny Friday

You gotta admit... this is funny :) 

Personally I think the gal on the right is more attractive.

CenturionProfits: here's some good news from Keith:

All payments done for the day.. and there were a lot of

Also, we have decided since things have been going pretty smoothly and everyone is happy (hopefully) and since the commissions have been messed up on repurchases (should be fixed soon), we are going to pay all members their daily income on the holidays too! :)
So you will get your daily percentage on all holidays now!  Hope you all enjoy this!

Also, updates/newsletter coming soon!
Thanks everyone!!

Pnenow: was thinking about how to get the attention of the old ad2m members for this one since there's nothing about it written on the front page. So in one of my traffic exchange sites, I made mention of ad2million in a text ad. Yes I'm starting to promote for the sake of the old membership.
I did have a good handful of ad2m referrals, and I'm sure they had a good amount of ref's themselves so we really need to get the word out that this is opening soon. Then if they want to join, cool. If not well... at least they were made aware.

Just a reminder for those who have already purchased:
Positions will cycle and earn 1% daily starting on the grand opening date of 09/10/13

AdClickXpress/ClickPaid: Hey ACX ???
You make me log in with 2 separate ID's and passwords.
You make me use a different email address for each account.
You want me to spend my money to upgrade to "Silver" in both systems (as though they are not related).
But WHY Oh WHY won't you let me post the same Advertising URL in both of the Traffic Exchange Sites??? Huh?
Also since I'm on a roll...
It is currently taking approximately less than 24 hours for URL approvals
More like 72 and counting.

On a happier note, was paid today my first payment since ClickPaid moved over to the ACX family:
Your SolidTrust Pay account has been credited with $39.60.
Member Name: adclickxpress


Anonymous said...

I agree! lol


blondie said...

Hey Tree,

Yeah was just about to add some stuff to my note then saw you post.

Glad you agree, lol


Anonymous said...

Oh no not here! lol..I can't go to youtube without seeing her face.
I guess she'll grow up eventually;)

blondie said...

Sorry about that mm.
Didn't even think about youtube.
Was just something that made me laugh.
Later :)