Sunday, August 18, 2013

Somber Sunday

Feeling a little out-of-it today.
Gloomy, or maybe just tired.
I'm not used to babysitting a three year old twice in three days. Not to mention the 4 dogs at the house also. Besides their own 2 boxers, the kids are also watching 2 more dogs for a friend while he is out of town. Made it hard to find an open spot to sit on the couch :)
It does take its toll on you. Fun... but tiring.

FortuneSteam: happy to report fast payments continue. And watching the stats page, looks like it's growing nice and steady.
Was paid today just a few minutes ago and received it shortly after my request. Excellent :)

AdClickXpress: last night while I was away, I got paid twice from ACX. Cashed out some RC plus my Panel earnings and they were both paid promptly. Just waiting now for the ClickPaid migration over to ACX to see what the damage is from the announced 'restart'.

First time I noticed this today...
After you login
Go to Wallet
Under the Payment Processors list there is a red box that says "About Withdrawal Limits", click on that
Scroll down a little bit and you can check the status of each pay processor before you request your withdrawal.

Note: The status showing above is updating automatically by the ACX withdrawal system.

Not sure if that will help anyone but wanted you to know it was there.


Brian said...

Hi Judy,
Sorry to hear the little ones plus the dogs tired you out. Hope you are feeling better by now.

ACX is really working well at the moment. I have seen the "Processor full" story twice last week but the next day the WD's go far. Plus the PayZa facility is a huge plus for me as I have a Debit Card with them.

Got to go and check the washing.
Try and have a good day further.

blondie said...

Hi Brian,
That reminds me of something I meant to post about ACX today. Will add it to my post in few minutes...
after I check on my washing too, lol

I'm still tired but tomorrow should be better since I can get to bed at a decent hour tonight.