Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ready Or Not ... Here I Come

In no particular order today...

Surf City Here We Come

AdClickXpress: there was some confusion today about the Panels Opening and how many sites we need to surf in our Traffic Exchange to qualify for the $60 rebate once a panel completes.

Between myself and my friend Gord (who was hitting on the support chick at ACX, lol), we came up with the answer.

You should keep 50 Reserved Ad Views in your TE area for each Panel you have. You do not need to surf 50 daily. But once a Panel is complete and pays out, it will minus 50 Ad Views from your Reserve.

When it does, if you don't have enough "in reserve", you will find yourself with a negative amount of Ad Views. Get them caught up ASAP since you can't earn from the Daily Ad Packs either without viewing a certain number of Ad's.

OK, so I just surfed 100 sites in the TE since I purchased 2 Panels earlier today. They are on a 10 second timer, so it took me approximately 20 minutes to do that. But now I don't need to worry about any "Extra" surfing until they both complete and pay out.

Hope that was clear. If not, give a holler.

Here's some good news from my comments:

Brian said...
Hi Judy.
Thought you would like to know.
Because of my time zone I managaed to buy 2 Panels at launch and they cycled within about an hour. I surfed the 100 sites and the $120 appeared in the Panel menu soon after. I withdrew $50 via EgoPay and it all went very smoothly. Now just waiting to see when the money will actually be sent.
Have a great day.

Thanks Brian for letting us know!

CenturionProfits: Todays Update:

Grand Opening
It has been 3 days since we opened and things seem to be going very well. We would like to thank everyone who joined and who is currently active in our program. We could not and would not be here if it weren't for you. Thank you.

Little Bugs
We all know that nothing goes as smoothly as you want them too at first but even though we have had a few minor bugs, things have been pretty good, wouldn't you say? 

Current Problems:
1) EgoPay - Currently, we have to manually process egopay deposits. This should be fixed after the 11th when my programmer comes back from vacation. Egopay is also working with me to fix the problem.

2) Referral Commissions - Some of you have brought to my attention that some commissions are not showing properly. For example, if you are an Ultimate member, for some of your downlines on the second level, you have only received 5% instead of 7%. Apparently the system requires your downline to also be an Ultimate member or you receive the commission that they are now. This is something else I am waiting on my programmer to fix since it was not supposed to work that way. So hang tight. One way or another, we will make it up to you :)

3) Funding - When you sign up, the very first thing you see is instructions toFUND your account FIRST. If you try to upgrade first, you will have to send a support ticket in so they can fix it for you. This is usually pretty quick but would be quicker if you slow down just a little bit and read first :)

We have recently updated the "READ FIRST" on the dash when you sign in. So we hope this helps everyone.

If you see or have any problems, feel free to send us a support ticket anytime.

Other Notes

Payments are processed Mon-Friday normally unless we are out of town. Weekends are usually slower so just be reminded of that.

Rememeber also, that we do not pay the daily rate on weekends or holiday.

We are in talks with a developer to implement instant STP with our Crowdfunding Platform. We know this will greatly help out all our members.

If you pledge any amount, please make sure either, 1) your username is the same, and/or 2) you send us a quick email letting us know you pledged an amount along with your username in the main program. It makes things much easier.

Also, if you send a pledge with paypal, please check your account to make sure it really did send as a few payments have not hit our account yet.

Want to advertise on our Newsletter? Let us know. We have deals for you.

You will start seeing advertising in various forums, hyip news sites, and so on. We are not putting all our eggs in one basket and we will spread out the advertising too as we feel this will be better for the long run. Just wanted to let you know.

For this Weekend - August 9th - 11th
This weekend we will be out of town (starting tonight) trying to stir up some business and looking into other outside income sources. We are still in the process of designing DigitalFxHost for all your online needs and a one stop shop that will include MMG members selling their services too.

If you are good at something and want to provide your service, feel free to let us know.

Again, we will be leaving town tonight and we will be back sometime lateSunday night so any support tickets and payment requests will be slow this weekend so please pass it along. Crowdfunding pledges will be updated on Monday if not this weekend and everything else too! Plus this gives you all a break to enjoy yourselves if it is nice out! No need to be in front of the computer 24/7... lol

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: Update below.
Have seen quite a few payment posts today so hang in there.

Payment of Withdrawals
written by Russell ISMmagic, August 08, 2013 

Richard is now paying RAF & ismAI withdrawals, we apologize for not starting yesterday.

The proposed payments schedule (revised) is

Pay Date Withdrawals to be Paid

8th Aug -1st & 2nd Jul
9th Aug -3rd & 4th Jul

12th Aug -5th to 7th Jul
13th Aug -8th & 9th Jul
14th Aug -10th & 11th Jul
15th Aug -12th to 14th Jul
16th Aug -15th & 16th Jul

19th Aug -17th & 18th Jul
20th Aug -19th to 21st Jul
21st Aug -22nd & 23rd Jul
22nd Aug -24th & 25th Jul
23rd Aug -26th to 28 Jul

26th Aug -UK Public Holiday
27th Aug -29th & 30th Jul
28th Aug -31st Jul & 1st Aug
29th Aug -2nd to 4th Aug
30th Aug -5th & 6th Aug

2nd Sep -7th & 8th Aug
3rd Sep -9th to 11th Aug
4th Sep -12th & 13th Aug
5th Sep -ismMagic Jul Magic Bonus (not spent or transferred to e-wallet)
6th Sep -14th & 15th Aug

9th Sep -16th to 18th Aug
10th Sep -19th & 20th Aug
11th Sep -21st & 22nd Aug
12th Sep -23rd to 25th Aug
13th Sep -26th & 27th Aug

16th Sep -28th & 29th Aug
17th Sep -30th Aug to 1st Sep
18th Sep -2nd & 3rd Sep
19th Sep -4th & 5th Sep
20th Sep -6th to 8th Sep

23rd Sep -9th & 10th Sep
24th Sep -11th & 12th Sep
25th Sep -13th to 15th Sep
26th Sep -ismMagic Aug Magic Bonus (not spent or transferred to e-wallet)
27th Sep -16th & 17th Sep

30th Sep -18th & 19th Sep
1st Oct -20th to 22nd Sep
2nd Oct -23rd & 24th Sep

Thereafter payments will be 1 week in arrears.
ismMagic Bonus 10th working day after the month end. 


Brian said...

Hi Judy.
Thought you would like to know.
Because of my time zone I managaed to buy 2 Panels at launch and they cycled within about an hour. I surfed the 100 sites and the $120 appeared in the Panel menu soon after. I withdrew $50 via EgoPay and it all went very smoothly. Now just waiting to see when the money will actually be sent.
Have a great day.

blondie said...

That's great Brian!
Actually I'm going to post your comment in my blog for those who don't read them.

Brian said...

Wow,I was paid 12 hours later....excellent!

blondie said...

That was super fast!!

Brad Tramell said...

so Brian, you bought 2 Adpanels in ACX at launch and already cycled them an hour later?? !!! Thats insane, I might have to give them a try.....

blondie said...

Well Brad it's because he bought them at launch time. I bought 2 when I got here yesterday and they're waiting to start filling now. So don't get too excited about it. It will take time.
Cheers :)