Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Liners

It's late here so I need to do a few one liners today.

CenturionProfits: looks good from where I sit and requested another payment* today. Also made my re-purchase right after my request.
* Update: got paid at about 6 PM my time. Excellent!

TheAdsBazaar: did my daily activities and collected my daily earning.

FortuneSteam: off to a great start and made my first withdraw today which was paid in a matter of minutes!

AdHitProfits: did my daily surfing and picked up a few more cents. That reminds me, there's a new email from them that I haven't opened yet. Dang, I'll read that next.**

AdClickXpress: requested a payout yesterday morning and received it just a few minutes ago. So way less than 48 hours for that. Thanks team!
Late night update: was getting ready to log off for the night and noticed an email regarding my Panels. Got one more space filled so now I have 4 out of the 6 needed to fill my Panel. Sweet dreams!

RicanAdFunds (ismAI too): did I see some payment proofs today? Well maybe. But this morning seems like a long time ago now. As for me, my next w/d request was sent on July 2nd, so waiting like everyone else.

** OK here it is and it sounds interesting even for those who have not spent money in AHP yet.

There is a new free advertising feature being built into AdHitProfits.

This new feature will help you to.....

- Get more referrals to AdHitProfits
- Get YOUR website seen by more people
- Drive more targeted traffic to your many sites all at once
- Display your websites in emails "cloaked" keeping your page hidden
- Send website visitors to many websites using a single web link

This will be FREE to use for all members, even if you never paid !

Something new is coming to AHP... keep an eye out for it...


Owner - Ad Hit Profits

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