Friday, August 16, 2013

Nibbling Away At My Premium Funds

Had fun babysitting Olivia last night. Got home just after 11 then couldn't get to sleep. Last time I checked the clock it was 3:30 AM, so if I get a little punchy, that would be why.

CenturionProfits: good news from Admin:

Egopay is finally working!!! Checked it myself and it now reflects in the back office dash area too! Woohoo!!

Remember, no payments on weekends coming up smile.gif And slower support for weekends too! Thanks everyone!

Those of you with referrals may have noticed a discrepancy in the RC you receive. Admin is aware of that and will address it soon.
Thanks Keith!

TheAdsBazaar: same ole same ole.
Did my daily activities and received my daily earnings.
Remember though, this only needs to be done on business days unless they do another weekend contest.

FortuneSteam: is going great and I'm seeing a lot of paid posts in forums and their facebook page. I personally didn't request a payment today but those who have were paid promptly.

AdHitProfits: still surfing daily but not sure why.
Sorry, don't mean to sound negative and maybe it's just my lack of sleep getting in the way. I suppose if I were more 'active' in the program I'd be happier. But sometimes I just don't have enough energy, ya know?

RicanAdFunds/ismAI: anybody get paid from Rican lately?
No? Me neither. 

ClickPaid: site is open again for viewing. So those of you who missed the latest updates can log in and view them now. The one from Aug 6th is the one that had a problem and no one could open it. So go now, open it up and read if you're a member and waiting to be moved to ACX.

Which brings me to my subject line...

AdClickXpress: here's a nice note I got today:

Congratulations! Your Panel has Completed!

Was surprised to read that too.
I have not bought any accelerators yet but I do have an active downline so am sure that helped a lot. Thanks guys!

Have been thinking about what to do with my $60 payout from that. After chatting with my upline decided to follow in his footsteps.

With $60 in Panel Balance, I can purchase 2 new panels for $28.00. Yes they cost $20 each but if I also use my Premium Funds ($6 for each panel) that covers it. Then I'm left with $32.00 panel balance that I can withdraw if I want to.
So I get 2 new panels (from one completed) plus a cash out.
Can't beat that with a stick, lol

So between the Ad Packs, Panels and Membership upgrade, I've been nibbling away at my Premium Funds balance little by little.
Don't have Premium Funds?
Well you can also use the Basic Funds in your account too although it's 2% from Basic as opposed to 3% from Premium.

So I guess it's a little bit me, a little bit you... too.
(told ya I'm tired today, hehe)

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