Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Centurion Profits Open For Purchases

CenturionProfits: opened for purchases today and I bought a few shares. Will purchase more later or tomorrow when Admin gets the EgoPay working properly. I don't want to pester him to do it manually for me. Also waiting on more news about the Crowd Funding before I make my contribution.
Here's Admins Update for Today:

Grand Opening Success
On Tuesday, August 6th at 11:00 AM CST - Chicago time we opened up for purchasing and it was a busy day for sure! We thank all of you for participating in CenturionProfits and will send out more information soon!

Referral Commissions
I am keeping an eye on these as there were a few questions about them. So stay tuned.

Crowdfunding Tweaks
We are working on simplifying our Crowdfunding platform so hang tight. Those that pledged today will see the difference in their accounts tomorrow some time.

This is important:
If you pledged earlier today with paypal please check your paypal account as I did not receive half of the payments. Paypal is working now so if you see that it did not go through, please try again. We will be sending out individual emailstomorrow to everyone who pledged for a follow up.

Advertising In HYIP Forums
We are starting our search for those good forums! So if you know any, please let us know.

Miscellaneous Q&A, and other things
We will add a members counter to the page sometime soon.
Q) How long will it take to reflect the crowdfunding pledge?
Hopefully within 24 hours or less. Again, we are working on simplifying the solution for all members.

AetherAdvance: Final Email - Closure:
Hello everyone.
We have processed approximately 100 refund requests and are now completely out of funds.
We will be taking down the website shortly. Our apologies to those few who were unable to receive a partial return on their spends.
-Aether Advance Management

Thanks for a running a fair game Yodaman.
Looking forward to seeing you again.

Click Paid: my friend Wesley forwarded to me an email he got from ACX today. I didn't receive it. Tried to find it in the Click Paid News but the Aug. 6th Link does not work. So I'll post it here cause if I didn't get it, maybe you didn't get it either.

Subject: Important Announcement for Click Paid Members

Greetings from Ad Click Xpress!

We want to take this opportunity to welcome all members
of Click Paid to Ad Click Xpress. As a company, we feel
fortunate because your expertise and enthusiasm for
Frederick Mann's amazing and indefinitely sustainable
program will bolster the entire membership of ACX. We
expect great things from you, and you can expect great
things from us as well. The new owners and executive
team here at ACX is committed to one thing: Helping You
Make Money!


The migration from CP to ACX will take place soon. Many
of you who were part of Profit Clicking will see a transition
similar to the PC Premium migration. Please know that
none of your daily earnings in CP will be lost. A special
CP Wallet will show all your money, which can be combined
with New Money to purchase Ad Packs in ACX. If you were
a member in both PC and CP, then you will be given two
separate accounts in ACX. Watch for further details coming

Ad Panels:

One of the most exciting things ACX is planning is the launch
of the Ad Panels program later this week. Even though the
Ad Panels didn't materialize for you in CP or PC, as a new
ACX member you will be able purchase Ad Panels during the
up-coming launch. For those of you who were part of
JustBeenPaid, you'll be excited to know that once again you
will be able spend $20 in buying an Ad Panel, and make $60
as the 2x2 matrix (panel) is filled. Remember, however, that
ACX members must upgrade to Silver Level in order to

Thank you again for your continued support of this program.
Here's to a successful week for all!

ACX Executive Team

AdClickXpress: there's a new Announcement in your back office today which states if you've NOT Migrated your account yet, you're running out of time.

- ACX Ad Panel program is launching Thursday and you must be a paid "Silver" member to participate.

Well I'm surprised. I really thought the Panel Program wouldn't open until our first bought AdPacks were closer to expiry. But it's all good and I'll give it more thought once it's available.

Oh yeah... one last thing: RicanAdFunds:
Payment Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, August 06, 2013

Richard is now back in the UK.
He said will start paying withdrawals tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Rican Funds
Rather surprised that Russel who I thought was "Savvy" did not know how to operate his STP a/c when outside your home country !!!
All that is required is a Support Ticket asking STP to put your a/c on ROAMING Status - but it has to be sent BEFORE you leave home !!!

blondie said...

I didn't know that Mike, Thanks.
Well at least Richard is back now so I hope we'll see something soon.

digitalcurtis said...

If you want to "pester" me it is ok :) Feel free. I have done quite a few manual EP deposits since I am waiting on more support tickets from EP. Plus my programmer doesn't come back till the 11th. So feel free :)

blondie said...

Thanks Keith :)
Just sent you a support email regarding spending via EgoPay.
You've been a great help in the forum but I just don't have time to go back several pages to look for the info I need.
Great Opening BTW!