Saturday, August 31, 2013

Magic? or not so much :/

Was wondering what to post today and wasn't going to post this but I guess I need to for the members sake (in case you didn't read it in your email).
Although this is not the information that we all want to hear right now, is it? Personally I'm not all that interested in the magic program but would rather have some news about RAF and ismAI.

Welcome to the ismMagic Membership Updates Newsletter !

August Updates

The previously announced August updates are progressing although the "Rewards Center" should now be added during the first week of September.
To view the progress with regard to previously announced updates LOG IN and check the "Site Updates & News" on the Home page.

Memberships Available

As previously announced ismMagic memberships ongoing are FREE.
In addition to the "Founding Wizard" membership for our leaders team we are retaining 2 levels of membership:
  • Magician (Restricted feature access)
  • Wizard (Full feature access)
On joining ismMagic members will be given a "Magician" membership.
To obtain a "Wizard" membership and access to all the site's features you must go through our verification process and generate your Magic Code.

For full details, including the transitional process for existing members CLICK HERE.


Russell ismMagic


CenturionProfits: tried to do a cash out today but didn't realize you can't. I thought only payouts were held over the weekend but no, you can't request one either. OK, Monday it is.

Pnenow: heard a happy rumor about it today but cannot share unless it's a fact. I don't like rumor starters so try to get my ducks in a row before blabbing.

FortuneSteam: have a couple of pendings that are not late but later than usual. Hope all is OK with that.

AdHitProfits: surfed and earned today.

ACX and ACX-CP: geez this is confusing using the same name.
Anyway, surfed there too and picked up my 1% for the weekend.
M-F is always more fun since it's 2%. Don't ya think?

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