Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Caught In The Crossfire

CenturionProfits: looks like CP got caught in the crossfire of an internet brawl. Here's a couple of notes I wanted to share:

Member: There is a large scale DDOS attack hitting several of the revshare sites in the past few hours and right now on others, so that may be what's happening here as well.

Admin: Yes, I have now been informed this too. So I am on it smile.gif Thanks everyone!

Even if you look at my signature, from time to time, my banners disappear too! So I too am waiting until they fight it off. With the last two days being back and forth, it has made it impossible to answer support tickets too! so please hang tight. will get to then asap! Thanks for your patience!!

OK so we're in good hands and waiting it out.
Thanks Keith

Later in the day, it's back!
Well you can see its running again :) Thank goodness!
Anyways, did all pending cashouts as some of you already know and answered all support tickets I had also!
I will be sending out a newsletter soon with some more info and things.

AND received a payment today that I requested yesterday!
Thanks again Admin :)

TheAdsBazaar: did my daily activities as always.
Wonder who won the weekend contest? It was a big one but haven't seen the results yet.

FortuneSteam: moving right along. In a couple of hours when my daily earning comes through, I'll be re-purchasing and cashing out* again. I normally like to get to BEP before repurchasing, but it's been a week now so I think it's time to start doing a little of both. Especially since it's only a 12 day plan.
* Paid super duper fast. Thanks Max!

AdHitProfits: that Charles is always up to something.
Here's his latest update:

=> ADHitProfit is BacK ** Charles Did It AGAIN ** !!
=> MINISHARES: New $10 Ad Revenue Pack Turns To $12.50 !!
=> Earning Percentages “HIGHER On All Shares” !!
=> A 30 Minute HOLIDAY Roller Coaster Ride Again With AHP !!
=> A 24 Hour Delay to Catch the Fraud before it is Shared !!
=> All Purchases Today Will be Disbursed Tomorrow In 30 Minutes Interval!!
=> NEW Security Features !!
=> 10% Referral Commissions !!
=> All Withdrawals INSTANT !!
=> Egopay, STP, Credit Cards, & EzyBonds Accepted !!

New Advertising Features:

=> A scrolling Featured Text Ad Highlighted!
=> Front Page of Adhitprofits with 10,000 Views!
=> Directory Listings & Website Traffic!
=> Forum Advertising Services * New Topic for just $10!
=> 728x90 LeaderBoard Ads (Viewed by over 200,000 unique people per day)!
=> PPC Banner Advertising!
=> Guaranteed Traffic Packages!
=> Free URL Rotator!

Exciting time to jump into the game !! Get started now!  Get Ready to SPIKE!!!


Ad Hit Profits Team

AdClickXpress: I'll be back later with my ACX update.
OK back.
One of my friends alerted me that they've added CP Wallet to our wallet area now. CP = ClickPaid. It's not showing yet when you click on wallet but it is showing in the column on the left. So they are making progress with that.
Will be interesting to read their update about how exactly CP members will be transferred over to ACX. Stay tuned.
PS, almost forgot...
Received 2 more notifications today of panels filling.
Correction: 4 panel spots filled now and I'm otta here.

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