Friday, June 7, 2013

TGIF, again already?

Aether Advance: opened June 3rd and over 500 members already! That's a good sign for all of us :)
The Cycler part of it is scheduled to open on July 1st but in the meantime we are earning daily from one of the three plans offered.
I haven't done a cash out yet but am seeing plenty of them posted in the forums. The Admin 'yodaman' is very active there also.
OK, guess that sums it up.

I have to run out to the plant store today. My cucumber plants didn't make it so need to replace those before it's too late.
Back in a bit.
- Back. Planted 6 new flowers, 2 cucumber plants, a pepper plant, watered them all then it starting to rain. Just in time. YaY!

GoldAllianceFund: I'll post their UPDATE here since it's really important:

Dear Valued GAF Members,
Allow me to start by apologizing profusely for the pending withdrawals that did not get paid as they should have.  And also to apologize in advance for what I have to tell you now. The initial glitch that was thought to be a fairly easy fix, has proved to be more complicated than first thought. After looking into it further, it appears that data that was in some of the members pay processor account fields was corrupted.

So here is the advice of how to best fix this, we need to reverse all the pending withdrawals again. Those who have not received a withdrawal will need to send in a support ticket after they withdraw again, with their pay processor details and the cash out number of that withdrawal, so we can rectify their accounts. Those that have received their withdrawal do not have to send in a ticket as your information was not affected.

Note ** Do not use the contact form, all information regarding this must be sent using a support ticket only - support button is located in the account area of your GAF back office.

I can only ask again for your patience and understanding during these technological challenges. I understand that the withdrawal glitch is causing false information to be posted on forums and monitor sites. Let me assure you GAF is not going anywhere! We are paying our members and will continue to do so!

Thank you for your support, understanding and loyalty, I appreciate it.

Best regards,


NEO Mutual: paid today from Neo just as I expected.
Thanks Admin & members :)

ClickPaid: tried again this morning to cash out of Click Paid, but both times received the "daily limit reached" message.
Tried again just now, no luck for EgoPay BUT just got a w/d request in through STP. And for those wondering, that was 21:45 CP Server Time.

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