Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's the Weekend :)

A friend sent this to me in a different format, but I couldn't get it to work here. So here it is, as a youtube video. (Thanks Paul)

Heading off soon to visit Baby O.
Have a wonderful Saturday :))


Gord said...

Hi Judy,

Beautiful video..thanks for sharing


Susan P said...

Oh, that's the sweetest thing! The kitty reminds me of my little Dante. Dante's a little bigger (20 lbs), and a brown/black tabby but he loves everyone and would probably be grooming that deer too.

Enjoy your weekend Blondie. :)

Susan P

blondie said...

Thanks Gord,
yeah, it's a cute one for sure.

thought of you and your house full of kitties when I saw it too.
Glad you both enjoyed it :)

Happy Days Goldfinder said...

Hi Blondie... At ad2million, if one of my 'inactives' gets a referral, does the bonus come to me as their sponsor/upline?

Happy Days Goldfinder/mrgoldfinder

blondie said...

No I don't believe so.
The RC still goes to them and is 'on hold' until they upgrade themselves.
It's in FAQ # 8:

"Question: Can I earn as a free member?
Answer: No. You cannot earn or withdraw. However, you will be credited for your referral commissions. You must purchase at least the amount of commissions that you have earned before getting paid."

Nice to see you stopping by :)