Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Sunday :)

Trying to relax a little today but this internet stuff never sleeps, LOL

- Just made a new Serial Premium spend in Synergy Money. Only needed to add a small bit to what was in my cash balance to do that. So once again, I'm in for yet another 60 days. Yes, I have quite a few of them running now. Coolness :)

- Ad2Million just keeps going and going. Thanks to my referrals (new and old) and all active members for keeping this one at the top of the cycler list.

- Received my profit share from GrandBankClub today, as we always do on Sunday's. Thanks Gord and of course, all the members that are contributing to the PIF pool of funds.

- Positive Surf is doing a referral contest now through the 21st. Oh I dunno. Might make for a lot of spam out there since you can win the contest with the highest amount of 'free' referrals you get as well as 'active' ones, (roll eyes). Well I'm not going to hound anyone to join. It's just not worth it to me. Sure I'd like to win, but not at that expense, ha.

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