Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, yuck :(

There's just something about Monday's.
I always have a hard time getting motivated on Monday's, and today's no different.
Into week 3 with this cold I caught, and no signs of it going anywhere. I suppose it could be something worse than your average cold. But I'm not one to rush off to the Doctor every time I have a sniffle or sore throat.
So am just trying to relax and hope it goes away soon.


- Got a nice payment from Synergy Money today, eighty some dollars. Enough to buy some good cold medicine, LOL. Thanks Ivan and members :)
You know, I have twice the amount of active spends there now as I did when we first launched. So what does that tell you? It tells you that I'm not out to HAR (hit-n-run) or take advantage of the program or it's members. Play nice with others, that's what we're taught, right?

- Re-purchased 5 more positions in Ad2Million also. Got a couple more days before I can request another payout. And Carrie still hasn't changed the member area for that. It's still on a 7 day limit. FYI

- Just heard Gord is doing some payments to GBC members as we speak. But I'm not due one this time. Maybe soon though, since I have several of those puppies running at the K-game.

- I guess Positive Surf is doing OK. But if you're trying to win the contest for the most referrals this week, be aware that once your free referrals join, they must 'activate' their account in order to be counted, IF they stay free that is. OK.

- I'm tired. Can you tell?


Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Been super busy lately and catching up on your articles to the present. Another hilarious cat pic...too

Never dull reading on your Blog

Thanks for the chuckle


blondie said...

Hey Thanks Gord,
I know you're busy busy with GBC and everything else in life.
Have a good one!