Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Having a hard time thinking about 'work' today :(

My Freak is missing and I think I know what happened to him. Those who are long time readers here may remember me talking about the "Freak" Cat who adopted me. Well without going into too much detail because it upsets me, he didn't come home last night like he normally does. No sign of him this morning either. Then I get a call that says "there's a black cat with a fluffy tail lying on the side of the road". Oh Nooooo :( Why do cats have to roam so much? Why can't they just stay closer to home where they know there's always a good meal, a warm bed or lap to cuddle up on. Well I suppose no human can answer that question. Am just feeling really bad today. (sigh)

--- OK, going to try to get my mind busy.

--- Ivan of Synergy Money is going to have a surprise for us on Friday. I know what it is but I'm sworn to secrecy. As for the program, it's still doing great and he sent out a good update on it yesterday. Membership is growing and our reserves are growing as well. Also will be having a Valentines Day contest in February.

--- Today is Ad2Million's 5 Month Anniversary. Who'da thunk it eh? An advertising cycler, paying 2% daily non-stop for 5 months and no signs of slowing down. Wow is all I can say! Congrats to Carrie who's doing a great job keeping up with the daily routine, and Congrats to all the happy members, including me.

--- Alright, Let's try this one:

Yep, another surf site but not a high earning one like the others that are here today, gone tomorrow. This one should last quite a while and it's brand new as of last night. May be a good place to Advertise your stuff. So after auto-surfing 115 sites today, I'll be adding my programs as soon as they're approved.

Gord did a good write-up on it in his blog and you can Read It Here. So of course, join under the sponsor of your choice. I'm not greedy about referrals and Gord's actually done all the legwork on this one, so am just sort of tagging along for the ride.
Have fun with it and Happy Promoting.



Gord said...

Hi Judy,

Sorry about your loss...I know my Dad who loved his labrador retriever took it extremely hard which surprised me. The bond between men/women and their pets is stong for sure.


blondie said...

yep, they're like family :(

Profit Hub said...

I am sorry to hear about your cat Blondie. I sympathize with how you feel. I lost 2 of my cats last year in the same manner. It's so 2nd nature for them to roam about, but it is so risky with speeding drivers all over the place.

Randy V said...

Sorry to hear about your special friend Judy. I know how close we can get and its hard to lose someone that means so much.

Randy V

Anonymous said...

this is normaly for the is their look for food..they do not do that because of need but because of instinct

blondie said...

Thanks everyone :)

Freak has always been a bit on the wild side. More like a street cat than a house cat.
He wasn't a home-boy like my other 2 that have been with me since 99 and 02.

I guess he will RIP now.

Will B said...

Blondie, I've owned (been owned by) at least 10 cats over the years, though I haven't got any now. The same thing happened to a couple of them, so I know how distressing it is, and appreciate the sense of loss. As you said, they're like family. Will.

blondie said...

Hi Will and thanks :)
Yeah ... still look for his little face to be meowing at the back door. Just habit, ya know?
Too bad his life was cut short.
He was such a sweet kitty.
Take care

Susan P said...

Blondie, I am so sorry to hear the news about Freak. May he rest in peace. :(

blondie said...

Thanks Susan,
I knew you'd see the sad news eventually.
Well what can I say. Back to my 2 faithful boys.
Take care of all those kitties you have.