Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well ... We're Here

Because we're not all there.

Goofy song, I know. You ever feel like that though?
Not necessarily over love, but over anything that causes you extreme stress.


- Will be purchasing another Serial Premium tomorrow in Synergy Money. Hey, it's doing great from where I sit. No complaints and Ivan is taking care of business perfectly. Thumbs up!

- Carrie still needs to adjust the script in the member area of Ad2Million for withdrawals. It's still set to 7 days even though the new update says we can request every 3. Not a big deal and I'm sure she'll get it done soon. Other than that, everything is going great there too.

- Gord will be doing his profit share calculations in Grand Bank Club tomorrow :)

- Positive Surf ... the site is down for me sometimes, but if I wait a bit, and check again, it's back up. Am surprised at the interest in this one. Guess there are more gamblers out there than I realized. It's all good. As a matter of fact, I added another new spend there yesterday. So I guess I'm guilty too. LOL


Since I've already lost my mind, might as well continue.
Gord wrote an article today about SPAM in his newsletter. Which made me think of all the spam I get daily. So to you spammers out there ...
I do NOT want or need: Viagra, Cialis, penis enlargers or sex enhancement pills.
I did NOT win the British Lottery, the Microsoft give-a-way, the new BMW car, or any of the other lotteries from around the world.
I am NOT giving you my bank account information so that you can send me that Ten Million dollars to hold onto for the "Duke of Earl" until he can arrive in my country.
Oh there's so much spam out there. More than what's in my cupboard, that's for sure. LOL


Randy V said...

They're coming to take me away...I remember that one. Another favorite Judy is when you are writing about your surf program you could put Surfin Bird with the Trashmen on...I really liked that one.

Hope your weekend is good.

Randy V

blondie said...

No Way, LOL
I actually had to look it up cause I don't remember 'that' being the name of the song.
But yes, it IS the one I was thinking of.
Good memory Randy.
Better than mine, haha