Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sometimes you feel like a Nut,

Sometimes you don't.


I guess I felt like a Nut today because I just joined a new Surf Site that launched last night. Now it is a 12 x 12 and you can join for as little as $7.00

So why did I join it?
To promote what's important to me.

Got an email about it this morning so off I go to investigate. I see the Admin is yet "another" new MMG member, (roll eyes) which doesn't sit well with me. It probably means he or she has been here before and doesn't want you to know who they really are.

But now that I think about it, there is another popular surf out there where the Admin joined MMG new and it's still running after 2 months, so am not sure if my theory is good or not. So I flipped a coin and decided for the small spend, that I could afford it to do more Advertising.

Everything is on the front page for those who are interested. And remember, I'm not pushing this ... just playing in it.
Always Play at Your Own Risk :)

Here's my link. It's called Positive Surf.
I'm having trouble with the dang banner.
BRB lol

Positive Surf

There we go. Figured it out.
If you do decide to play, please be sure "blondie" shows as your referrer.
Thanks Much and Good Luck!


TOMORROW is the big day!

SynergyMoney will be at the top of my post tomorrow.

Why you ask?
Because tomorrow will be our 60th day of success! YaY!
Here's the note from Admin just received:

Dear blondie,

I would like to inform you that our 2nd month anniversary is tomorrow and not on the 10th because the month of December had 31 days.

We are almost reaching the 500 mark in memberships and steadily growing. However, we can increase this growth even more by the combined efforts of everyone. We pay 8% commission on the first deposit a referred member by you makes within the program and 2% on all additional deposits by this member.

Furthermore, you can support Synergy Money by posting a testimonial from the back office of your account and also by posting a vote on our ratings page

Or you can simply come and visit our public forum at the Money Maker Group

As always, thank you for your synergistic efforts and team spirit.

Working together we can produce an enhanced effect greater than the sum of the individual effects.



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