Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Had To Show You This

I felt so icky yesterday, still struggling to get rid of this dang cold. Checked my email and...

Congratulations, you have earned a commission at ad2million!
Your direct referral has spent $850.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $85.00!
Great job and thank you!
ad2million Team

Holy Cow! Sure brightened up my day in a hurry, LOL
Many Thanks to Don who made that purchase. You all have no idea how much I appreciate every single one of you!!!

As for Ad2Million, things are still looking great through my eyes. Lots of new members join daily, cycling has been the steady 2% since the start, and Carrie is still doing payments as fast as she can. What more could you ask for?
PS, just re-purchased 5 more positions ;)


Speaking of 2% Daily ... Synergy Money has also been paying me 2% daily since it's start. The only difference here is that you DO receive your initial spend (your principal) back over the course of 60 days, IF you're in the Serial plans that is.
Ivan just sent out an update which sounds very promising. We are almost to 600 members now and continue to grow daily. I have been really happy with this program... appreciate all the thought that was put into it, all the work that Ivan is doing for us now, as well as the results I'm seeing in the form of dollars. So keep up the good work (and word) and try it out if you haven't already. That's my suggestion :)


Gord paid out 6 members yesterday from the GBC / K-game boards, and he's got more coming up soon too. Also more PIF drawings. Man that guy doesn't rest much, haha Congrats to all who recently got paid!


Positive Surf ... requested my 3rd cash out today for this first 12 day period, which expires tomorrow. Once paid I'll put some of it back in for another round, if things are still going well that is. I'll let ya know.


Seems like Alert Pay (as a pay processor) is the way to go with these programs nowadays. Most of them accept AP and it's a very trusted pay processor in my opinion. Those programs that ONLY accept Liberty Reserve ... I wouldn't touch em with a 10 foot pole. Not even a 5. Those are the sites that have SCAM written all over their foreheads. Just be careful out there, OK


My friend Paul who lives in the wonderful weather State of Hawaii sent me THIS CLIP the other day. Funny stuff. "Hawaii, you're a pussy!" hahaha. Hey Paul, you can come out here anytime and enjoy the snow with me. Just don't eat the yellow snow!!



tony said...

Hi blondie, its me again, tony. whats your strategy using alertpay with some of these programs, eg postive surf etc.I want to get my money out as quick as possible like most people, but the small withdrawals to AP are really hurting me with fees, i guess cant be avoided.I thought about delaying some withdrawals so that i would have two or three days worth of money to withdrawal, but you run the risk if a program closes... well you lose dollars.Do you have any advice? LOts of garlic and honey that scares away most viruses,and friends!

blondie said...

Hi Tony,
I'm not using AP in positive surf.
Part of the reason being I don't know who the admin really is and I'm trying to build up my LR.
Yeah the AP fees are rough but if you have enough invested and trust the Admin, it's worth it.
In the "silver" plan in positive, you can withdraw 3 times within a 12 day period. I've withdrawn twice so far and waiting on one from today.
Am already in profit there, thanks to my referrals so it's all gravy from here.
Hmmm, not sure if I answered your question or not. Let me know if I left it hanging.
Garlic and honey eh? Sounds good to me :)