Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh The Usual :)

Was watching TV last night and there was a news story about a Teacher who was also a Cheerleader for one of the major football teams. 
A website called Dirty... (something or other) posted her pictures on their site along with false, inaccurate, fabricated, nasty stories about her. 
Now they say websites can say whatever they want about people, but this gal claimed it ruined her reputation and her career. 
She hired an Attorney for the damages done and was awarded 11 million dollars. Yes of course that got me to thinkin, LOL 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: had a quick chat with Larry this morning who told me we're over 1,250 pre-launch members as of today! That's just incredible! You all are doing a great job of sharing this with others. Congrats! 
- Also realized he's done quite a bit of work in the FAQs now. So if everyone would take a look, then we'll all be on the same page. 
- Please be careful how you're promoting this. It is NOT a guaranteed 2% daily cycler. What it IS is an MLM Opportunity selling Product Tokens for advertising and various other products later down the road. 
- If you have referrals, check your page for that. He's added a nice counter for your 1st and 2nd Level referrals.
- Members now have the option to receive email notification of new recruits (as requested).
- Remember to grab your own link and banner codes (if you do that) from the Affiliate page. And off you go!!
- Do not miss the big announcement in the member area re: Alert Pay CC use. You WILL need to use your own AP funds to purchase Tokens since CWC cannot accept AP CC at this time. 

--- JSS-Tripler: promptly received my payment today after yesterdays request. Now I'm thinking with that money, I need to invest in a good expensive bag of fertilizer. The cheap stuff I bought a month ago didn't seem to have much effect on my anemic looking lawn. 

--- GBC: Gord always manages to Surprise me with those $25 partial payments he does for our GBC / K-Game board earnings. Guess it's more fun that way since I never know when to expect anything. Yippee and Thank You Gord! 

--- GlobalSurfPro: got paid last night or today (not sure) from Kent at GSP. He's doing a wonderful job running this auto-surf site. Still hoping more members will join and advertise there. He is one of the few Admins I feel comfortable with. 
See, that's why I don't join anything and everything. I need to be careful with my own money, and yours ;)

--- Oh I remember what else I was gonna tell you. I mentioned in a previous post that they were having a summer special on their exchange rate, and those who shared their affiliate link with others could earn RC from the exchanges. So here's what I got today and Thanks to everyone using their service! 
your cashout request has just been processed. $5.09 has just been sent to your LibertyReserve account

Happy Birthday David R Morrison 
Hope you like the song I picked out for you this year. 
BTW, David's in Detroit this weekend. I'm sure that he, your sister and the whole fam damily will stop by "Tiger Stadium" to say Hello. R.I.P. Dave.

Hey is it just me? or does Greg Lake look like JS? har! 


Jenkins said...

CWC isn't going to accept CC?, great looks like I'm going to miss out on the early bird special

blondie said...

You've got well over a week to get funds into AP Jenkins.
That should be enough time, yes?

Jenkins said...

I don't understand why AP won't let me deposit money via CC. Any suggestions on how to get some funds in quick?

blondie said...

Maybe Jenkins.
Write to me at my gmail addy.