Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lookie Lookie Here Comes Cookie

Can you believe it? Olivia is almost up and running! With a little help from her Daddy she's already got the walking thing down pat. 
You Go Girl!! She's growing up soooo fast and next month she'll be the Big ONE! 

--- JSS-Tripler and more: Exciting to see another one of my JSS-Matrix positions FILL last night and you got it ... I received another $60 to my account. WooHooo! Will take a peek at it today and decide what to do next. 
Also received another payment from the Tripler that I requested just yesterday. Man oh man I love those fast payouts! 
And was notified that one of my Referrals filled a Matrix AND a referral's referral did as well. Now that created another $5 plus $2.50 in my account. Nice :)) 

--- McFads: as I mentioned in my last post, I did receive a payment from McFads for an expired ad pack and today I purchased a new one. Just a small one this time to see how things go. He keeps extending the payout dates and no one knows why. So I'll just keep surfing and advertising and hope for the best. 

--- Speaking of Advertising: won't be much longer before I show you that New Program that I've been talking about. I like it a lot and I hope you will too. 

--- Summer starts today. Not sure the exact time though. I guess I could google it if I really wanted to know. Happy Summer Time! 

Sunday BBQs, good food, family, friends and dogs has always been a good excuse for a nap. Sleep Well Little One ;) 


Anonymous said...

Now is my account in ad2million gone to,i can not log in. I have about $100 in pending withdrawals.

dookie said...

Do you have a lot of downlines in JSS Tripler for your matrices to cycle fast or do you do a lot of upgrades?

blondie said...

I don't know anything about ad2million any more. I'm not involved. You should check the forums for news.

dookie yes I have a good number of referrals in the Tripler plus I bought 3 more matrices after the first time I cycled one.

allanz said...

Hi Blondie !
Looking forward to the new program !!! and yes, its the first day of summer, birthday of Prince William, summer solstice AND my birthday !!!

It will be great to be in another program together !
See you out there,,,,,


blondie said...

Hey Allan!
When was your Birthday? Yesterday or today?
Happy Birthday Allanz, lol
Does that make you a cancer too? My birthday is coming up the end of June but not really looking forward to another one :(

Yes it'll be fun being in another program together. I always enjoy your forum posts!!

Take care now

Profit Hub said...

I know I'm a day late with this comment, but I have to say wow to the fact that your cute granddaughter is about to turn 1! I can't believe it's already been a year! I remember when you showed us pics of when she was a newborn. Man I'm getting old! LOL

blondie said...

Hey Gwen,

Amazing at how fast they grow eh?

I know. I hear ya.

Time flies eh?

Take care and Thanks!

allanz said...

Hi Blondie !!

My birthday was the 21st !:)and thank you for the good wishes !!

Ok....i just read the new program is in prelaunch so im off to sign up !


blondie said...

Well again,
Happy Birthday Allan!
Also great to have you in the new program with us.
C'ya you know where. hehe