Friday, June 17, 2011

Nine Inch Nails

I used to file my nails while waiting for sites to load. But today with my DSL installed and working ... I don't have time anymore. Guess they'll just keep growing, like my hair. hehe 

--- JSS-Tripler: 75 days went by fast!! My first 5 positions in the Tripler completed yesterday. So this morning I logged in and replaced them. 
Honestly, I couldn't be happier with these programs. I may not understand all of them and how they work, but the Tripler has done me good. LOL Thanks to everyone involved :) 
A portion of yesterday's update: 
Because of the high load on our server just after 11 AM CST, we've changed the time of the 2% payout to 12:05 AM CST.
Meanwhile, JSS-Tripler continues to grow strongly. Membership is now 8,125 -- about 150 new members a day. Purchases of new positions continue at higher levels than needed for healthy growth.

--- Lightning Fast surfing today at GBC, GlobalSurfPro and McFads. Being that it's Friday and I haven't cashed out all week, I requested 3 withdrawals from GSP today and am waiting on a payment from McFads that was requested earlier this month. I'll keep you updated. 
*Paid from Kent at GSP already. All three! YaY!! 

--- You know the old saying "Looks aren't everything", right? Just because a site or program looks better than another, doesn't mean it will turn out better in the long run. What's shown on the outside can sometimes be deceiving. It's what's on the inside that counts. Now remember that. (hint)  

--- Re TAB/SAB and the HitCrawler: when I lose interest in something and feel like I made a mistake, I just blow it off. Not many updates. Not any promised June 15th pay. I don't like where it seems to be headed or what others are finding out and sharing with everyone. You make up your own mind but unless something wonderful happens, I doubt that I'll talk about it much more. 

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