Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good News Today ... for me anyway :)

--- Called my phone company today to remove the $30 annual membership fee for 'discounts' on long distance calls. Shoot, anybody I used to call LD has passed away so didn't see any point in paying for nothing.  
While we were chatting, we got on the subject of DSL. I hemmed and hawed long enough that the gal offered me a 30 day free trial to check it out. Nice :) I can live with that and maybe if I'm lucky, that'll solve my problem of getting Skype and FireFox loaded on this laptop. 
It goes into active mode next Thursday when I can hook it up. Of course I'm anxious as heck to see the difference. Wish me Luck! 

--- JSS-Tripler: just can't say enough good stuff about it right now. I'm so happy and impressed with their system and how smoothly everything runs. Not to mention the next day payments after request. Two thumbs up for sure! 

--- GlobalSurfPro: moved it up a notch on my side bar today. It's still really new and Kent the Admin is doing a wonderful job in getting those payments out really fast. He's also available on the MMG forum along with the support area on the site. Two thumbs up for GSP as well! 

--- McFads: honestly am getting a little concerned with this one. There's been a lot of changes since it launched and the most recent being the 50/50 rule when withdrawing. Now I did request a w/d on the 5th and made a new spend of more than the 50% needed. Then when viewing the FAQs, I see it now takes between 1-30 days for cashouts and 1-7 days for referral comm. withdrawals. Something I would hesitate on if joining new but since I'm in, I'm in. Let's see where it goes from here. 

--- TAB-SAB: not saying anything cause it's too confusing. Once again am waiting till after June 15th to made any further decisions there. 

--- One last thing: Did you know that when you're on a Dial-Up Connection, your IP address changes a little bit each time you boot up? Could that be why I was accused of being a hacker? Because I'm poor and on Dial-Up? 

--- PS, Thanks for the new Laptop John (js). I bought this with the money I saved from when I helped you with support in 9planetnosurf. Yep, managed to save the money for 4 years until I really needed it. Luv Ya! 


Susan P said...

Finally you are taking the DSL plunge!! You should notice a huge difference. So glad you are giving it a try. :)

blondie said...

Thanks Susan,
I sure hope I notice a difference. And if you see me pop in on skype, you'll know it worked :)

Bo said...

What kind of internet do you have now? I wish I could get DSL but its not available where I am...oh well.

blondie said...

Well, if you read my entire post, the paragraph before the last says I'm on dial-up.
So you can't get Cable or DSL where you live? Oh that's bad :(