Friday, June 10, 2011


--- is having a summer special with -0- fees to exchange LR or PM to Alert Pay or STP. Just FYI if you need it.
Liberty Reserve -> AlertPay = 0% (limited time!!)
Liberty Reserve -> SolidTrust Pay = 0%
Perfect Money -> AlertPay = 0% (limited time!!)
Perfect Money -> SolidTrust Pay = 0%
AlertPay -> SolidTrust Pay = 3.5% (limited time!!) 

--- Speaking of AlertPay, if you have a website/blog, don't forget to add your own referral link to your AP banner. It pays off: 
Your $10.00 referral bonus has been paid to your account for your referral
Also, they must have got whatever it was holding them back done. Huh? The check I requested on 6/2 was finally sent out today, 6/10. WhooHoo! 

--- Woke up to quite a few emails from JSS-Support informing me of referrals who bought new Tripler positions! Thanks you guys! That'll help me pay for my new DSL connection, that's for sure :) 
Also received a payment from JSS last night about 8 hours after request. Can't beat that! Mini update: 
JSS-Tripler's strong growth continues. During the past 6 days, purchases of JSS-Tripler positions each day have been higher than the day before. Yesterday's purchases set a new all-time record.
JSS-Tripler membership is now 7,248, growing by about 150 new members a day. Thanks to our promoters. Please keep up your good work!

--- OK, surfed my 3 sites. GrandBankClub (just for fun and credits), GlobalSurfPro and McFads
- GBC, after Sunday's profit share run, I should have enough to purchase another $40 board in the K-Game. Seems I can do that once a month now, thanks to Gordon! 
- Requested another payment from GSP today, which I'm sure will be paid today or tomorrow. Oh and STP has been discontinued at Global for new spends. So it's AP or LR from now on. 
- Requested a small RC from McFads but no telling how long that will take. Also waiting on a regular non-surf cash out request from the 5th. But with his new payout schedule, my 9x15 might be up before I get paid from the non-surf. Just sayin :( 

--- I wish it would rain. both here and in Arizona!! They have a terrible wild fire going on there and the smoke is coming all the way to my mountains here. It's really hazy looking and some are having a hard time breathing because of it. So let's do a rain dance for Arizona today, shall we?  

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