Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great Pre-Launch Launch Day!

--- Wowzers! Well over 600 new registrations in the first 24 hours of the CenturionWealthCircle pre-launch. That's just fricken incredible! 
Thanks to everyone who joined, everyone who is already promoting, and of course to our Fearless Leader Admin, Larry :) Two Thumbs Up!!

For those of you who don't visit the MMG forum, Larry has gotten an account there and is very active in the thread now. Nice to have an Admin around who shares his thoughts, listens, learns and is open to suggestions and improvements. Right on! 

Another thing, now that you've signed up, check your "My Account" area and make sure you have the Sponsor/Upline of your choosing. There was a small problem with that yesterday and too many are signed up under "Admin". So Larry wants to be fair about it and get you where you should be. So go check that out and let him know if it needs correcting. 

--- The member area in JBP / JSS is down at the moment. No worries though. I'm sure they're working on that and it will be back up soon. 
Yep, wasn't down very long and I forgot to mention I got paid from them again list night! You know, I just paid off a CC with what I've made in JSS so far. Now THAT is something to write home about! 

--- Tomorrow I'll do my cash out requests from GlobalSurfPro, which I'm sure will be paid promptly, since it always is. Thanks Kent and Members! 

Was having a bit of fun in the MMG forum last night and someone mentioned this song. Well you know me, couldn't help but dig it up. Hey it's a good one. 


Martyn said...

Hi Judy, when can we start purchasing on CWC? Thanks o knowledgable

Sider1 said...

Hello Blondie,
Think CWC can be sustained (let me not say indefinitely) in the long run? You know with what they say & the 50/50 rule, it will take 'bout 5 months to get out the 'seed money'?
...just checking...

blondie said...

Hey Martyn,
There's a countdown clock on the site for that, but I'm hoping it will be sooner. Stay tuned! lol

Sider1, I do think it can be sustained for quite a long time. Larry has a lot of plans for the site which I'm sure he'll share as time goes on.
How long it takes to get your "seed" money back depends on growth. I have a feeling you'll be happily surprised at your results once we're up and running.

Kelly McKinnon said...

Judy have you had any problems with downlines going to login and it tells them that they are not found in the database?

i have a friend who joined under me and it tells her that but she shows in my downline

Sider1 said...

Are you saying it can pay over 2% daily? Or are you referring to referrals?

blondie said...

you sure he/she is using the correct password? Have them try the "forgot password/username" link that he just added to the site yesterday. Maybe that will solve the problem?

Yes Sider1 I think it can. Watch the Video again as he explains how the 'cycler' will work. Cool :)