Saturday, June 11, 2011


You ever feel like going Duh?

I was just watching a referral of mine cycle some of his JSS-Booster spots today. Now I've never 'played' in the Booster so have never even opened that particular page. But when I got an email that said I made a $5 RC from his cycling ... I'm thinking "where is it?". So that's when I started my search.

Checked the Tripler then the SynergySurf. Nope, not there. Then went to the JSS-Booster page where I had to log in fresh (since I had never been there before), and Holy Cow! I had $92.50 in my account and had NO idea it was even there. WhooHoo! Guess I need to pay more attention to these things from now on. 

And I WILL be playing in the Booster next go around. So thanks to Wesley (and others) for helping me find my secret stash!

PS, this is turning into a little gold mine for me. R
emember it pays RC two levels down so even if you don't have the big bucks to start, get a referral or two and if they're good at sponsoring, it will rock your world! Thanks to everyone!

PS again, you DO need to be upgraded in the main JustBeenPaid program in order to play in the Booster or Warp and receive the RC from it. Confusing but well worth the 3 month membership fee!


--- Got PAID from GlobalSurfPro while I slept. Yes Admin, while I slept. The STP notice came through at 3:28 AM my time. (Kent was teasing me in the forum about sleeping weird hours. Ummm, not weird hours where I live.) haha

--- By the way, I may have MORE than one new program to show you soon. Besides the one that I've been waiting on forever, I've been chatting with a man in England who showed me his program and wanted my opinion. Well it is a cycler but it won't give you earnings unless the money is really there. 

I get the feeling he's a straight shooter and he's never run a program before, so is a little nervous about doing it now. But from what he told me, it's pretty much automated (other than the payouts), so should be a piece of cake. 
He also told me a little bit about himself (because I asked of course) and his profession tells me he's a very caring individual.

So Stay Tuned for that one too. He's currently working on a Video for the site to explain how it all works. Should be fun and I can't wait to share more with you :)  


Martyn said...

What's 30% of $50? Anybody?

Nina Redza said...

Blondie, playing the booster is all about timing and mostly luck. I find that it helps to log into their web conference just before the launch to get better insight on how to fill your matrixes to get $40-$100.
The $40 is easier to fill and the $100 is harder. If it doesn't get filled, it gets transferred to your JSS position page so it becomes a normal $60 matrix. I had fun with it, I'm sure you will too. :)

blondie said...

Martyn, LOL
I hear ya!

Nina, I'm sure I will.
Thanks :)

allanz said...

Hi Blondie !!
So the long awaited program is going to start soon? I hope its not when i leave for vacation(jul8-22)but even if it does i'll try to take some time to wrap my head around it(unless its easy to grasp) and get upgraded ! :)
Really looking forward to it !!


blondie said...

Hey Allan,
Long time no see :)
Not sure of the real timing on that program but hopefully, it will be launched before your vacation.
And since we know your 2 wk vacation can turn into 2 months, well what can I say. hehe
The other one I mentioned today might be ready for pre-launch next week. Chatting with the Admin about that now and am getting a little excited about that one too.
Have a great weekend!

af412 said...

Hi Blondie. Before doing booster be sure to test your timing using
the test drive system. You really need to buy at EXACTLY 11:00:00 to guarantee a cycle. Using the test drive system will allow you to test the booster program with "play" money.

Also, for cash outs I use the AlertPay debit card. LOVE IT! I have a link to get one if you don't have one already.

allanz said...

Hi Blondie:

LOL,,,yes, ive been known to extend my holidays,,,LOL
I'll keep watch for both programs,,,,afterall, the early bird catches the worm !! :)
Catch ya later,


blondie said...

Gotcha af412. I haven't had time to play with that yet. Thanks for the info!

Allan, you and your vacations. We're complete opposites. I never go anywhere I don't have to.

Anonymous said...

Ok Blondie waiting for CWC the great program to launch. I already joined in CWC. Due to ad2m recent straties we are not getting any profits. 180 days position is going to close.overall we are making $4 only in 180 days in ad2m.Very bad profit. So, all are waiting for CWC to launch.