Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Relax Relax Relax

Nice to see our new CWC pre-launch building up a good member count :) 

Launching: July 6th 2011 5:00 PM GMT

Come & Join the 2,426 other Members who have already become part of the GREATEST MONEY MAKING CIRCLE on the net today!!

What concerns me a little is seeing everyone ready to pounce on the site as soon as it's open for business. That is NOT necessary and I will tell you why.

- After you make your Token purchase via AP, the transaction is stored in the CWC database.

- Each purchase will be checked manually in case of any problems, then processed by adding the tokens to the tokens database.
- Now they will be ready for when the cycle process is started. 
- Note: any RC you may receive will not show until the cycling is complete for that day. 

Launch is scheduled for 5:00 PM GMT on July 6th. 
The first cycling process will not take place until approx. 1:00 PM GMT on July 7th. 
So that gives everyone a full 20 hours or so to be "IN" on the first day and not lose out on that exciting first day of cycling. 
Also note that the Countdown Clock on the site is Wacko! It makes no sense to anyone, so I'm just going to watch my own clock. 
For me in MST, launch will be 11:00 AM on the 6th and the cycling will take place daily at around 7:00 AM.  

Now, did all of the above make you feel a little more relaxed? I sure hope so :)) 


--- JSS-Tripler continues to rock my world and is definitely my biggest online income right now. As my $10 tripler positions expire, I have been replacing them on a regular basis in order to keep up with the daily earning that I've become accustomed to. Plus as each 4 expire, they create one JSS-Matrix position that when cycled out will earn another $60 in my pocket. Am lovin it!

One more thing, I do love the JBP programs but they are confusing for some. Could be why I only work the Tripler, hehe. There's a lot of different things to remember about each of the programs within the main JBP site. And honestly, it makes my head spin sometimes. Just so you know, you're not alone. OK 

OK, am off to buy something cold for dinner cause there is no way I'm standing in a hot kitchen tonight! 99F expected here. Argh!

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