Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Seems like every time I sit down here to write, I find myself bitching about something. Well let me see if I can clear my head a little and not let others rub off on me :) 

--- Still working with the Admin of that new program I mentioned. He's such a level headed guy and I get the feeling he'll be a great Admin... IF he can stand the heat that is, LOL 

--- JSS-Tripler: received another payment from them last night. But now, I need to hold a little in my account because my first 75 days will be up soon and I'd really like to replace (or better) the Tripler positions that will be expiring. Remember now, they DO expire at 150% ROI so no surprises there. 

--- GlobalSurfPro is doing fine and dandy. Would rather see a higher member count and activity though. Maybe people just don't like surf sites anymore? That must be the reason because the Admin is one of the best out there. Thanks Kent for running a good show. 

--- Still can't figure out how McFads is doing the payouts. There's just no rhyme or reason as to who he pays when. I watch the forums for paid posts and I see those who requested early get paid late, and late get paid early. So am really not sure what kind of order those are done. Ah well, finished up another 9x15 today so once it's shown as 'expired', I'll re-think it.   

I had to go shopping today. Maybe that's why I'm bitchy, LOL. 
I hate shopping but I made a killing on Sale items plus had a 30% off coupon for everything. Saved $235, spent $135 and came home with 2 huge bag fulls of stuff, including a new Mr Coffee programmable coffer maker! Told you I did really good. OK, patting myself on the back now. 


Terri said...

hehe...something else we have in common. I too hate shopping! lol

I'd like to confirm with you, since I plan to make my first withdrawal in JSS Tripler if I figured it out correctly. From what I gather we have to transfer the money to the Just been paid main account, and then w/d from there. Is this correct, Blondie?


blondie said...

Yes Tree,

From the Tripler member area under Financial, at the very bottom you will see "Transfer Money to JSS" then click on "Proceed to Transfer Funds". The money will be sent to your JBP-SynergySurf account.

Then go to SynergySurf financial.
Bottom box, "Request a New Withdrawal of Your Earnings"
Click on "Request Withdrawal of Funds"
Then just follow along :)
Hope that helped.

PS, none of the shopping I did yesterday was for me :(

Anonymous said...

Do you have an update on TAB ?

blondie said...

Maybe tomorrow.
Been kind of busy today :)

Anonymous said...

Whew...thank you Blondie. Even with your instructions, I had a heck of a time with my first withdrawal.
Apparently I hadn't entered my AP pay to info. and it took me forever to find where it was!!!! LOL

This program is too confusing! Luckily I only plan to know how to buy more positions and withdraw!!! Now I know both! LOL

Thanks again, my dear.


blondie said...

Hey Tree,
Oops, forgot about the AP info thingy. Sry about that.
Once you're doing both on a regular basis, it'll get to be habit. You'll see ;)
I also agree that it IS too confusing. Some love playing in the other parts, but I prefer the Tripler myself. Nice and easy 2% daily.
Glad you're on your way to your first payout now.
C'ya in the forum!