Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tracking Cookies again :(

--- If you scroll down to my June 1st post, you'll see some information on tracking cookies. I've since added a small note above my JSS-Tripler banner and I'll tell you why. 
Had a nice back-n-forth conversation last night with someone joining JBP and getting into the Tripler. They were confused and had a lot of questions, which I answered to the best of my ability. Sent them the instructions that I wrote up on how to get going in the Tripler, etc etc. 
Near the end of the conversation I wanted to 'look them up' in my referral listing, and they're not there. So I had them check their 'upline' link and it turned out it wasn't me. So that means they clicked on someones else's URL before mine and they got 'tracked' back to them. 
They felt really bad because they knew they signed under me (after reading my blog posts) and I was there to help them get started... but now they weren't able to give anything back in return. 
Well that's OK and I fully understand what happened. So again, that's why I added additional words above the JSS Banner. And I want YOU to be aware of how easily you may NOT get the referral you thought you did. Be careful out there, OK? 



momto3 said...

Aww thats quite bad. Usually I use this particular advertising company which almost always has quite a number joining my referral link. No wonder for JSS there is only three who joined.

Terri said...

Re: Clearing your Cookies. That happened to me years ago Blondie. I joined a program under someone,who I thought was a friend, only to find out it was some stranger. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how it happened, since I clicked on my friend's signature, but when someone explained about the clearing cookies part, I realized I had not done that and had also clicked on a banner before joining to read the FAQ's. So naturally, when I finally decided to join, even though I clicked my friends link, it was to late, since I was still under the link of the banner I had clicked earlier!
Needless to say, I am very careful about that these days, but to be perfectly honest, it still happened to me again just last year. Sometimes if I'm in a hurry, I join too quickly, and forget about clearing my cookies.
Maybe its just old age now! ROTFL


blondie said...

momto3, either that or those who see your site or banner are already in so they're good to go. Keep the ad going though. You may get a lot more.

Tree, that's the problem I see with the tracking cookies also. Someone may see the site on my blog (for instance). Then see it again somewhere else and think 'hey, this is the new one blondies in. I'll have a look'. Then come back to my link but I've already lost them.
I don't think old age has anything to do with it, hehe I hardly think to do that myself so guess we could call this a Wake Up Call.