Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh it's gonna be Hot today!

I don't remember the Spring season at all this year. Seems like it went from Snow to 90+F expected today. At least the nights are cool here so a fan in the window usually does the trick :) 

Let me start at the top and do a quick rundown. I really need to do some housework before the heat slows me down. 

--- JBP & JSS-Tripler: was happy and surprised to see another of my JSS Matrix positions complete yesterday and pay me $60.00! So I just went back there and bought another to replace it. Debating on cashing out the $40 leftover or maybe using it to buy more Triplers? I'll give it some thought for now. 
PS, also received payment from JBP early this morning. Rock On! 

--- McFads: received a payment from Matthew today also. Not a huge payment but every little bit helps. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: I'm a lucky girl. I've got 2 VIP's signed under me now. Surfed today but with the 3 times per week cash out, will wait another day or two before requesting for this week. Besides, Kent's not going anywhere and he pays really fast too, LOL 

--- I was going to post something here about ad2million, but I changed my mind. I've got friends who are still involved and NOT in profit yet. So I'll keep my trap shut for now. Anxious to see what the new update is though. Good news? Bad news? Or maybe even try to blame another innocent member for something fabricated and ridiculous? Geez I sure hope not! 
PS, just wrote to Admin again to DELETE MY LINKS! You don't remove someone, call them a Hacker, then leave their sponsor URL's OPEN so that you, the Admin, can take advantage of that!! 
That's just insane!!! 


debbie said...

I joined Global Surf Pro ( under you) with just a $10 test. Im liking it....Gotten paid quickly, PLUS Ive gotten a few sign ups on the program I have been promoting on that surf. I'll throw some more in there once I get a few more bucks in my alertpay account.

Kent is smart. I see he is selling banner space on his front page. Great way to make a few extra bucks for the program.

It is unbearably hot today. And of course now is the time my car A/C chooses to conk out . Luckily I only have a 3 mile commute to work. Next week Im on vacation and its supposed to be nice comfortable 70's. I agree with you. No spring this year :(

blondie said...

Agree with you Debbie.
Kent is a smart guy and the banners ad's will (of course) help the program.
Plus I like the fact that he listens to his members suggestions. Not at all like that 'other' stubborn lying admin we all know, LOL
Glad you're enjoying Global and don't feel bad about starting small. I do that a lot when I'm not sure.
But in Global, I spent a good chunk so just gotta remember to surf daily and cash out when I can.
Take care!