Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a drag it is getting old ..

Well it's my Birthday today, but when you've had as many as I've had ... you get to feeling like they keep coming faster than they used to and are no where near as much fun as in the old days. Maybe I've just had too many of them already :(

No, I'm not drunk. Not yet anyway, LOL 
I just thought this picture was hilarious!! 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: we now have over 2,600 pre-launch members ready to pounce on Token purchases when it opens. The Admin Larry is still coming up with new ideas on how to make this bigger and better for everyone involved. If you're already a member, see the back office news and keep an eye out for an email later in the day. Coolio :) 

--- JSS-Tripler: received another nice payment from them today. I'm on a roll right now and getting paid every 2-3 days. I do keep purchasing more tripler positions to replace the expired ones and ... well, that's what works for me. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: tomorrow will be my weekly cash out day and since I joined right at the start, my first position bought is now officially in profit. The 2nd one was purchased days later when he opened Alert Pay for us. Thumbs up still :) 

Lawn mowers! Lawn mowers! That's all I can hear is those noisy lawn mowers right now. Wish I lived more out in the country where I had no neighbors close by. Then I could do everything outside in my jammies, LOL 

Now here is something I've learned in my old age. When you see cat puke on the floor, you should clean it up immediately. Else the next time you realize it's still there, you will be scraping it off the bottom of your foot. And I speak from experience. 


Anonymous said...

Happy B'day Blondie .

Lester Dsa

blondie said...

Thanks Lester :)

robertg said...

Happy Birthday My favorite internet home-worker. and thanks for all the heads-up on things like CWC, I love following you! bo...

celticboy said...

happy birthday Judy...simply the best

blondie said...

Why thank you robertg :)
That's what we're here for, to help others in the same boat.

Thank you Brian.
Just wouldn't be a party without you, LOL

deb520 said...

Happy Birthday !
Enjoy your day !


blondie said...

Thanks Deb, am trying.
Was just making my house payment online. Nice b-day eh? lol

tygress said...

Happy birthday, dear judy


blondie said...

Heppy birthday to me. hehe
Thank You dear tygress :)

danish said...

A Very Happy Birthday to you Judy.
Hope you have many more in good health and harmony with the world
about you.
Dave Robertson

blondie said...

Wow Dave,
That was beautiful.
You should think about writing for greeting card companies on the side. Seriously.
Thanks Hun :)

munnymachine said...

Happy Birthday! Remember that with every house payment made, mortgage freedom gets that much closer!

Have a great one! Your friend,

Sider1 said...

Happy b'day Judy!

blondie said...

Hey mm, you got that right! and I jot down the 'balance due' after every payment. It's gettin there!
Thanks for stopping by today.
Always nice to see you :)

Thank you too Sider!
Glad you had time to visit.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Judy. Your my favorite blogwriter.

All the best for you!

Roger Luther

blondie said...

Awww TY Roger,
That was really sweet.
Hey, I just tell it like it is.
Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Have a VeryY Happy Birthday Blondie!

Lori R.

blondie said...

I'm trying Lori, really I am :)
Thanks for stopping by.

Will Beaver said...

Congratulations Blondie on reaching another birthday! And you know what, mine is the day after you, July 1. And as that date has already arived here as I write, for a brief few hours we are sharing a birthday. So Happy Birthday to both of us!

p.s. I used to be interested in astrology, less so now. But I know that there is an eclipse of the sun in Cancer at 9am GMT on July 1. That should mean a dramatic year coming up for both of us, full of unexpected happenings. So hold on to your hat! will.

blondie said...

Really Will?
That's pretty cool!
Yes Happy Birthday to You too!

I used to "get into" astrology also. Not so much any more.
So we're in for a good year eh?
That's good to hear, lol I sure need one.

Thanks again and Have a Wonderful Birthday!
I'll stop by your place later.

Profit Hub said...

Happy Birthday Blondie! I hope you enjoyed your day!

blondie said...

Thanks Gwen, it was OK.
The best part was having a surprise visit from my grand daughter this evening. She's just too cute.
Later :)

Nina Redza said...

I'm feeling so much love in the air for you right now, blondie. Enjoy the rest of the day. Better still, extend it for another week!


blondie said...

There ya go Nina,
Another week would be good for me.
Thanks for the idea :)

allanz said...

Happy Birthday Blondie !!! :)


Youre not getting older ,,,,think of yourself as a cycler ,,,,,things get jumbled up, take unplanned twists and turns, but we still go on and on and on,,,,,,

Hope you had a great day !!
Stay cool,


blondie said...

Yes Allan,
I WILL think of myself as a cycler from now on. Good call :)
Have a great day yourself.

Michellene said...

Happy Birthday Judy, I'm glad you've got so many well wishes and the love pouring in! Have a wonderful rest of the day and year!


blondie said...

Thanks Mich,
I'm pooped and about to call it night :)

hemsagar said...

Happy Birthday Blondie.
Wish you many many happy returns of this day.
I read your blog like everyday.
You lead us all in the right path.

God be with you.

Zain from Malaysia said...

Happy Birthday Blondie :-)

Martyn said...

all the best on your special day, from Bonny Scotland.
Enjoy your day....and night.

naphtali said...

Happy Birthday Judy! Hope you enjoyed it.

Gord said...

Happy Birthday Judy!

The big change I find in me as I get further along to the expiry of my "prime"... you think more about what your doing or going to do.

In my "footloose" younger days... not much thinking happening then... did it and

Like an all night party. No hesitation back then.

Today.. oh burnt out will I be? Will the hangover last a week instead of a day!

I guess it's where some of us begin to gear down with age.


blondie said...

Thanks to Hemsagar, Zain, Martyn, Greg and of course, Gord :)

Ohhh yawn.
Another day, another month, I survived.

Gord, I geared down a long time ago too. You just gotta.

Later :)