Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just a Quick TAB Update

The TAB site is up and running. 
The HitCrawler site is temporarily down. 
And the new one, SearchAdBrokers will be launching soon. 
I doubt very much that I will ever put any money into SAB unless maybe, later down the road, they prove to me that they're capable of keeping us informed on what's going on. They sure haven't made any Brownie Points with anyone so far. 
Here's a Skype message that someone was kind enough to post in the forum for us: 
Jaime Westmoreland: TAB is groing WELL
Jaime Westmoreland: sab will launch tonight there is going to be a pretty nice share coming form TAB as hc.net is growing very well organically

And this was about HC being down: 
" We are working on the server as we speak "
So from where I sit, I've decided to wait till June 15th to make any future plans (or not) with any of their sites. Just hoping for best. 


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