Thursday, June 2, 2011

What? No Mail??

--- Sitting here yesterday thinking something was not right. Then I realized I hadn't received a single email from JustBeenPaid and/or JSS-Tripler. Checked my account and everything looked fine. Today I received this:

Yesterday's JSS-Tripler purchases set another new record -- well above the previous day! JSS-Tripler membership is now 6,185 -- continuing to grow at over 100 new members a day.

There's a problem with our JSS mail server. Some emails that need to go out are blocked. This should be fixed during the next day or so. You'll be getting your "missing" JSS emails for buying JSS-Tripler positions, your JSS matrixes filling, etc.

For our members who don't yet realize it, the most important thing to get is that it's very easy to make money with JSS-Tripler.

Alrighty then, now I feel better :)
PS, purchased 5 more positions in the JSS-Tripler today. I'm really happy how this program has turned out. Hope you're all enjoying it too.

--- Did you all get to see Baby "O" in her Detroit Tigers shirt yesterday? Cute as a button she is!

--- Have a few more dollars in my GrandBankClub account today. Thanks to those adding to the PIF Pool or buying new 40 Board Positions in the K-Game. And Thanks to Gord for keeping up to date on all of it!

--- McFads and GlobalSurfPro: just did my normal surfing for the day. All went smooth.

--- Need to get outside to do some yard work but this dang wind is kicking up again. Hate it when the fertilizer ends up in my face!

--- I feel so bad for everyone who's payments are getting pushed back again in ad2million. I know these people were trying hard to build a steady income with this, but it's just not possible nor predictable. Remember to walk softly there, as the Admin carries a big stick and is not afraid to use it, even on the innocent :(



Anonymous said...

So true what you say about ad2mil. My date also pushed forward. Very disappointing as I've just reached the stage of earning after 4 months of waiting to get to a decent amount for pay out.

Anonymous said...

Blonide, Love your Blog! Hey..Ad2m - what's up with this? Setting dates farther up each time it's supposed to pay out? So It looks like she pays on time? GGGRRR.... Peeps aren't going very fast... Does that have anything with kicking you out? Probably!

blondie said...

Am sorry to hear that anonymous 1. I've learned over the years that nothing lasts forever so I usually try to get 'seed money' out first, then play with profit. I hope you get paid soon.

Anony2, my absence there should only help her cash flow. One less mouth to feed, plus she gets to keep all the RC from my previous downline. One mistake she made was calling me a hacker which made her look like a fool to those who know me.

Anonymous said...

Blondie, please speak also about textadbrokers. I have invested $50 and my account is credited 0.2 cents per day. Can you imagine? I do not know from where all these testimonials at their website are kaming from.

Thank you Blondie.

Anonymous said...

a2m is still changing the pay out dates farther and farther away

cant get a straight answer and every time you wanna cash out they want yet another testy but cant speak good about something that has never paid me

far as i am concerned a2m is flat broke and just looking for a exit which i feel so bad for all the members they keep telling lies too

i enjoy reading your blog and hope to join the next big thing with you

blondie said...

Posted about TAB today.

Am sorry about ad2million but you saw what happened to ME when I wanted to know more about the new 'rules'.
Just be careful.