Wednesday, August 12, 2009

STP was down for most of the day yesterday, which resulted in our PacRS rebate being lower than it could have been.
Well, these things happen and I'll bet you dollars to donuts we'll be back to normal today. I already bought my usual upgrade and surfed. Will wait to cash out though. Besides, where else can we make this kind of money with confidence?

UPDATE: Both PAC and PacRS are now accepting Liberty Reserve! Holy Cow! Was wondering what else I should do with my LR. Now I know :)

Late in the day: I guess STP is still down. But the PAC's are working around that. If you're a member, you know what's going on. Right? Right.


Just pulled 9 more cucumbers from my garden. Going to turn one of them into a cucumber salad for tonight. Will give the rest away. They're sure growing like crazy now! Can't wait for the tomatoes to turn Red! Nothin tastes better than a home grown tomato fresh from the garden! Yum Yum :)



Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

That's a great pic...LOL.

Reminded me of the other night
when I forgot to get coffee and
the shops were closed. How can I
face the morning? A quick drive to
a local Tim Hortons and I had my
morning "fix". Think I was
starting to get the shakes waiting
in the drive-thru lineup


blondie said...

Funny how we get to rely on our favorite things and habits :)
I would never ever run out of coffee!